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Stephen England is an established author, having penned best-selling works of fiction including Pandora’s Grave, Sword of Neamha, and Nightshade. He became drawn to Islam out of his interest in the Middle East, which he sees as the cradle of civilization, the world of the Bible. It’s been a source of fascination ever since that he frequently delves back into for his writing.

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Is Islam Really Seeking World Domination?

| April 18, 2013 | 2 Comments
Is Islam Really Seeking World Domination?

This blog was sparked by a graphic that has been circulating on Facebook, asking the simple question—is coexistence possible with Islam. . .or is it a religion bent on world domination? I read the Qur’an a number of years ago trying to establish some form of context for what I was being told about it […]

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