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Shireen Qudosi is a Top 10 North American Muslim Reformer. She founded Qudosi Chronicles shortly after 9-11 when she noticed a widespread failure in honest conversations about Islam. Since it’s launch, Qudosi Chronicles has developed a broad and diverse following that has helped spark Muslim reform.

Shireen is half Pakistani, half Afghan and a Sufi American Muslim who feels strongly that Islam is fated for an evolutionary leap in consciousness. And that leap is necessary in order for a global world of people to take the next collective step in advancing human dignity and excellence.

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France denies citizenship to veiled Muslim woman

| October 17, 2008 | 0 Comments

A French court recently ruled against granting citizenship to a native Moroccan Muslim woman, feeling that her values were incompatible with French values. The court, and its agents, felt the Muslim woman was practicing “radical” Islam, which brings up the very necessary question, What exactly is radical Islam? Stereotypically, thoughts of radical Islam conjure images […]

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Obama Escalating Racism

| October 16, 2008 | 0 Comments
Obama Escalating Racism

The 2008 election finds its biggest challenge to be the people’s perception of Barack Obama.  The American people, the deciders of the next president of the United States, see Obama through the filter of race and image. Proving non-racist attitudes Too many Americans have been swayed by the image of things and by the obvious […]

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