What’s Qudosi Chronicles?

Founded by Shireen Qudosi, Qudosi Chronicles is the only Muslim publication that offers a truly objective look at Islam in the 21st century. We don’t take sides nor do we blindly promote religion or politics.

We take a bold and truthful look at how Islam is evolving and what role its followers play in this growth. We recognize the good but also highlight the negative effects of Islam and what questionable initiatives are set forth by its followers, including but not limited to Islamism.

Not only does this make Qudosi Chronicles different, it makes it important.

By being objective, we’re able to point out the gaps that both sides, those for or against Islam, miss out on. In this way, we serve as a guide to those non-Muslims sincerely interested in making a difference and calling to attention what main stream media attempt to cover up through a mask of tolerance and political correctness.

Above all it’s this type of thought leadership that will have a serious and lasting impact, because the issue isn’t just Islamic radicalism.  The issue includes the growing encroachment of an Islamist agenda in the political and social arena, the wayward politics of liberals that do nothing to defend our Constitution and American liberties, and the increasing rift between people on both sides of the issue.

Who’s Behind Qudosi Chronicles?

With hailing support from California-based Act for America groups, top conservative journalists and think tank leaders, Qudosi Chronicles continues to pave the way for an Islamic reformation. But Shireen Qudosi’s blog isn’t just for conservatives. With a growing number of moderate Muslims and well-intentioned liberals turning to Qudosi Chronicles for truthful analysis, Shireen Qudosi proves that objectivity can create a common ground despite deepening political divides.

Shireen says: “Conservatives and Liberals both want to make it work. They have the same end goal but different ideas on how to get there. I’m a conservative, a registered Republican, & Sufi Muslim. With the growing tension between Islam & right wing groups, these seem like contradicting traits – but I make it work by taking a position motivated by truth rather than ideological affiliations.

That’s what you’ll find here & that’s what readers have come to love – a no apology attitude & a perspective that doesn’t bow down to any side. And why should it? After all, we’re not here to pander to one side or another, but to be individuals and use our God-given autonomy to shatter the cages we create for ourselves by proudly wearing a badge of religion, culture, or politics.

Qudosi’s motto is “If you want the Muslim agenda to change, you need Muslims who can make the change you want.” In a liberal landscape, it’s possible and imperative to include a Muslim perspective that is appreciative of the progress we’ve made thus far, hopeful for the future, but yet also critical of our shortcomings. Only by being thoroughly truthful about the challenges that remain ahead of us, can we have any hope overcoming them in the future – which isn’t just about Islam, but also what will ultimately define America in the 21st century.

Muslim Reformer Shireen Qudosi

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