Silicon Valley Ethics and Influence

Silicon Valley Series: Ethics and Influence


Covering Silicon Valley censorship, the problem with social media community standards, and partnership with authoritarian societies.

Who Has the Widest Censorship Reach in Human History?

When tech companies take measures to crush the very dialogue they once needed to grow — reaching a point where they have amassed the widest censorship reach in human history — it’s time to sit down and have a serious conversation about Silicon Valley. Read

The Curse of Silicon Valley’s Community Standards

Silicon Valley community standards for social platforms are dangerously subjective. Shireen Qudosi shares the disturbing similarities she finds between tribal community standards that justify violence and digital community standards that allow for psychological violence. Read

Google is Teaming Up With Chinese Authorities

A look at why Google is teaming up with Chinese authorities. In a series exploring Silicon Valley’s disturbing reach and influence over the everyday lives of Americans, Shireen Qudosi discusses Google’s odd partnership with China. Read

Is Apple CEO Tim Cook Facilitating Fundamentalism?

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that tech needs to take a moral stand against hate speech. However, peace cannot be ushered by choking people’s voices; that’s what fundamentalism does. Read

Peer Policing: The Next Dangerous Step in Silencing Our Voices

Patrolling behavior online is a conduit to patrolling speech in physical spaces. Additionally, ballooning definitions of Islamophobia have not helped the situation, particularly as any critical commentary or inquiry is now seen as dancing on the razor’s edge of hate. Read

Censorship Pushing Conservatives Off Twitter

Increasing platform censorship across Twitter has conservatives seeking new ground in more tolerant spaces. Notably, political persecution in digital spaces is reminiscent of patterns of migration and exodus under religious persecution in Europe over the last few hundreds years. Read

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