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Islamic reformers Islamic reformIn addition to her work in Islamic reform, Shireen Qudosi serves as Clarion Project’s National Correspondent where among other things she works on preventing violent extremism (PVE). Her work has been featured in The Federalist, On Being, Women in the World, The Hill, BBC, Fox News, and more. Her keynote writings also include an in-depth assessment on the War on Terror through the lens of WWII and a two-hour exclusive interview with Imam Abu Taubah, who was linked to Orlando Pulse Night Club shooter, Omar Mateen. In 2016, Shireen testified before the House Homeland Security Committee Hearing on radical Islam, offering a powerful testimony that tied the current crisis to Islam’s origin story. “Original Islam” is a theme that runs through the veins of her work, and is central to the book project Shireen is also pursuing. Shireen’s experience has given her insight in forecasting where the conversation among the world’s leading secular and religious Islamic leaders is heading. As a former refugee raised across three continents, she has a unique perspective of the issues facing the U.S. and global Muslim community. Shireen was named one of the top ten North American Muslim Reformers by journalist Christine Williams.