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What if the hippies were right? What if we really could strip down all the barriers, hang-ups, inhibitions and social conditioning that inhibits honest dialogue and just have an open and honest conversation with each other about the most controversial topics in the world? Enter Toke for Tolerance.

What is Toke for Tolerance?

Toke for Tolerance is the world’s first marijuana-based interfaith festival that seeks create a space of radical honesty for constructive dialogue about divisions between faith communities in the West. It’s run by experienced interfaith activist Shireen Qudosi, in partnership with Lunacy Now, an online lifestyle community for restless dreamers.

We will be partnering with artists, marijuana businesses and the wider community to pull together a groundbreaking long weekend to take people forward to next level of consciousness. Our intention is transformative exchanges on topics that we talk a lot about, but rarely make progress on. This event is for people of all backgrounds.

What’s the Goal?

We see the division and partisan rancor afflicting faith communities and want to bring people together in radical compassion, to address the divisions head on. In particular, we want to tackle the poor relationship between the Muslim and Jewish community. We’re going to talk about how conflicts in the Middle East impact relationships in the diaspora. We’re going to talk about the ongoing impact of white supremacy and colonialism. We’re going to talk about the surveillance state. Dynamic and evolutionary, Toke for Tolerance collaborates with a hive mind of influencers to develop thematic dialogue based on today’s challenges.

And we’re going to use marijuana to get there.

What Makes Toke for Tolerance Different?

Many interfaith conferences that just pat each other on the book or dance around the serious issues. We wanted to provide a space where people can relax enough to let their guard down and really be honest with each other and with themselves.

We thought the best way to do this would be with marijuana. Marijuana can lower inhibitions and opens people up. It can build trust and bring people together. Let’s see if those qualities really can break down barriers.

Why Should I Come?

Recent legal changes have created a window for experimentation about the positive effects of marijuana as a tool for communal healing.

This is a chance to be part of what could be a tangible breakthrough in conversations around social justice – by meeting people you radically disagree with in a space of mutual respect and healing. You’ll be taking part in a one of a kind event which will be utterly unlike anything you have ever experienced.

By signing up to this wait list you will get updates on Toke for Tolerance by email. Your name will be first when tickets go on sale. The event will only be a limited size, so tickets will be first come first served. By signing up you are guaranteeing that you will have priority access to tickets before they go on sale to the general publi

VENDORS: If you have products to sell that you feel connect with our message, inquire about becoming a vendor.
PERFORMERS: If you are an artist, musician, or dancer and you want to exhibit at our event, inquire about being a performer.
If you are an activist, writer, religious leader or academic and you feel you have a unique insight to bring to Toke for Tolerance, inquire about being a speaker.
If you are a business owner or philanthropist and our goals align with yours, inquire about become a sponsor.
If you are a member of the public and you want to experience the wonderful festival we have planned, sign up to our wait list to become an attendee.

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