Shireen Qudosi Prophet War Monger

The Anatomy of a Prophet: Backlash on Exploring Prophet Muhammad as a “Warmonger”

Writing for Huffington Post, Amer Aziz submits a response article to my controversial House Homeland Security Committee Hearing on radical Islam, where I engage in a historical discussion on Prophet Muhammad and early Muslims. In typical fashion becoming of Muslims holding onto a crumbling identity under the pressure of free thought, Aziz writes:

However, Shireen Qudosi, a self-proclaimed Muslim reformer, stated during the hearing that the founder-prophet of the religion, Muhammad, had elements to his prophetic life that were ‘warmongering’ and ‘terrorism’. Much as the statement is bizarre and incoherent for someone who claims to be a Muslim, Ms. Qudosi echoed the not unfamiliar narrative— while Muhammad lived in Mecca he kept a peaceful and persevering practice which took a radical and militant turn upon migration to Medina from which contemporary extremist movements draw their ideology and validation.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The military engagements undertaken by the prophet of Islam were firmly grounded in their moral disposition to defend fundamental freedoms and human rights against undue oppression and aggression.

Aziz’s first move is to discredit my faith as a Muslim, a now typical thing to do among leftists Muslims in the wake of Orlando Shooter Omar Mateen, while in the aftermath of 9/11 no one questioned whether Osama bin Laden was a Muslim. Then Azis goes on to ‘enlighten’ readers about how violence in the name of God was to defend “fundamental freedoms and human rights against undue oppression and aggression.” 

I would agree with him if we were talking about another man in history. But we’re talking about a Prophet of God. A prophet of God meant as final seal for mankind would have continued the legacy of Christ: non-violence. Prophet Muhammad – who Muslims view as the final perfection of faith – did not and this is where he failed. It would have been better to let Islam die in its infancy than to raise the sword in God’s name. The role of a prophet is to have foresight of legacy he sets in motion. Every radical killing for Islam is following Prophet Muhammad’s first example even when it derails into its extremes. Again, foresight.
People argue, “But what about the Crusades or American soldiers’ fight against Nazis?” These are ignorant examples. We’re talking about prophets and not men who are followers; religion and not nations. There is zero comparison between the two.
A man will do what he wants, but a man of God has a higher duty. 
Today, it is about perspectives, which we can start having if we stop being so defensive and easily offended. Because the goal here is to figure out why some Muslims justify violence. And this is why. I also find it telling that Aziz and his colleagues have time to defend the Prophet but cannot defend the living, breathing people dying under the sword and in the name of Allah.

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      Stay the course for it is truth


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      Please read the following carefully. Unlike other civilized people of the world the vast majority of muslims (particularly those who are not well educated) tend to get very sentimental and angry whenever some one criticize Islam or Prophet Mohammad, and they just can not handle the bitter truth about “historical islam.” I am now a secular humanist, however I came from both a Sufi and Shia family/relatives, performed three hajj and twenty-five umrah etc during my work stay in Saudi Arabia as well as studied world religions extensively. Evidently about 80% islam is “modified” Judaism and the remaining 20% is about pre and post islamic nomadic/biduan southern arabian culture, history, traditions and mythology etc. Like several jewish prophets of the Old Testament; Prophet Mohammad was also a very zealous warrior prophet of his own religion islam. He ordered 27 battles and took part (Gazhwah), and He ordered 73 but did not take part (Sariyyah). The Jewish people of Madina had their own kind of great tragedy like the islamic Karbala after the early islamic battle of the Trench (Al-Khandaq). Evidently, the Banu Quraiza – a Jewish tribe of Madina, was attacked by Prophet Mohammad and his companions etc for not supporting the muslims when the pagan Quraish of Mecca attacked islamic army in Madina. “Narrated anas: The angel Gabriel came to the apostle Mohammad wearing an embroidered turban and riding on a mule with a saddle covered with a piece of brocade and asked, “you have laid down your arms? By allah, we angels have not laid them down yet and I have just come from pursuing the enemy.” “Allah commands you, Mohammad, to go to Banu Quraiza. I am about to go to them to shake their stronghold (to terrorize Jews). So set out for them. The Prophet Mohammad said, where to go? Angel Gabriel said, towards this side, pointing towards BanuQuraiza. So the Prophet Mohammad went out toward them. Sa’d Bin Mu’adh gave the verdict, that, ” all the able-bodied male persons belonging to the Jewish tribe should be killed, women and childen taken prisoners and their wealth divided among the muslim fighters.” The compassionate Prophet Mohammad answers in endorsement of this” “you have given the judgment of Allah above the seven heavens…” To separate adult men from the pre-pubescent boys, the youngsters were examined and if they had grown any pubic hair, it was enough to behead them. Narrated Atiyyah al-Qurazi (a youngster captive): I was among the captives of Banu Quraiza tribe. The (the companions of Mohammad examined us, and those who had begun to grow hair (pubic hair) were killed, and those who had not were not killed, and I was among those who had not grown hair. Evidently there were between 700 to 900 Jew male captives who were brought before Prophet Mohammad and his companions. The captives hands were bound to their necks by a rope, and their heads were struck off. Prophet Mohammad also took part in digging trenches where massacred jew men were buried in batches. The Jewish captive women were sold as war booty, and their lands and properties were divided among the muslims of Madina. *Prophet Mohammad tools one beautiful Jewish woman Tayhana Bint Amr for himself. She remained with him until she died in his power. Following are the references of the above sated facts: Quran 33:25, Sahih Bukhari: Vol 5, Book 59, Number 444, Ibn Ishaq: Page 462, 463-464; Tabari Vol 8, Page 34, Quran 33:25-27, Abu Dawud: Ibn Ishaq Page 466, Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 38, Number 4390, Abu Dawud: Book 14, Number 2665. Those Pakistani, Afghanitani and Indian muslims of the Sub-Continent are “converted” muslims who are trying to be more devoted muslims than Prophet Mohammad himself (like more loyal than the king to himself). Those “converted” muslims’ ancestors practiced zoroastrianism, buddism, hinduism, mithraism, etc before their ancestors were forced to accept islam under the shadow of 8th Century’s early brutal and barbaric biduan arab muslim terrorists who invaded Indus Valledy, Gandhara, Persia, Aryana, Bactria etc starting from second Caliphath Umer to Ummyaed dynasty rulers. The Taif born Arab muslim Terrorist general Mohammad Bin Qasim attacked Indus Valley with his thousands of terrorists barbaric arab muslim armies, and killed about forty-two thousands local people starting from age twelve and above, they raped women as well as took captives to the arab lands. Therefore, over 55% present Pakistanis, Afghanis, North Indian, and Iranian/Persians great-great grandmothers of the 8th Century were raped by the wicked, brutal, and barbarian biduan arab muslim terrorists. Those ignorant muslims who solely rely on the sermons of narrow minded as well as ignorant mullah/maulvi/imam/zakirs/alama/maulana etc should read the true history by themselves and verify the truth. Those Pakistani, Afghani, North Indian, Iranian/Persian, Central Asian etc converted muslims have nothing common with the arabs exempt sharing the religion of islam. Generally, all religions/faiths are based of mythologies invented by dependent weak minds for political and economic reasons etc. Humanity comes first before any religion/faith of this planet. I agree with Shireen Qudodri on this subject that Islam profess extremism, violence, degrade women, terrorize non-muslims and it is absolutely not a religion of peace. Since Islam can not co-exist with other human beings on this planet indeed it needs a great reform to fit in civilized world. **I have typed fast without proof reading therefore, sorry for any typo errors. Ashraf

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      I don’t have a problem with Shireen’s opinions. I am a muslim and I love Muhammad (PBUH). The problem I have is that Shireen has absolutely zero credentials. The only thing she has is a mouth, a beautiful face, and an Islamic background. So, for me, the reason I would never consider a person like Shireen legitimately is because she doesn’t have the background in islamic studies, philosophy and history to offer proper insight. Anybody can set up a website and call themselves an expert. I America we have a free marketplace of ideas, so Shireen is perfectly within her rights to say whatever she wants. Since I don’t have my head up my ass, I would never listen to her

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        I appreciate that and to an extent I would agree that the background alone isn’t enough. Which is why I have been constantly inquiring and independently studying for over a decade. Last year, I formally started training with Sheikh Uthman of Critical Loyalty. I hope that answers your question.

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      I was just introduced to your voice by watching The Glazov Gang linked at Jihad Watch. Rather than exhaust my supply of superlatives, I will simply wish you the greatest success in getting your message out to the world. No truly great accomplshment in history has been easy, nor safe.

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        Thank you so much. – SQ

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