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The Federalist: Ilhan Omar Doesn’t Represent Muslims. She Represents Islamists.
The Hill: How the Conversation on Hate Crimes Reinforces Hate and Alienation in America
The Forward: CAIR Has No Place in a Synagogue
Women in the World: FGM Silences A Woman’s Most Primal Voice
Women in the World: Using Radical Empathy To Understand the Mother-Daughter Relationship Behind FGM
Fox: Don’t be Fooled, the burkini has nothing to do with Islam or faith
Fox: Muslims Back Trump on Radical Islam
The Hill: Islam is a Religion of Peace and War, and Not Bigotry to Acknowledge it
UNA-USA: End the Global Scourge of Violence Against Girls and Women
Medium: I Choose Compassion. Muslim Reformer on ISIS Brides


Clarion Project: Encounter and Counter: Coming Together to Challenge the Islamist Narrative
Clarion Project: Divided Together, Episode One [Listen at 33:30]
Our Eye on Islam: Raheel Raza + Shireen Qudosi
Our Eye on Islam: Outlaw Morgan + Shireen Qudosi
Breitbart Radio: Reforming Islam
Secure Freedom Radio: CAIR launches smear attack on Qudosi
Radio National: Muslim Americans Welcome Trump
BBC Have Your Say: 5 Muslims on the future of Trump’s America [November 18, 2016] [Listen at 36:00]
The Steve Deace Show
Radio National Breakfast: Qudosi Says National Security Shouldn’t be Swayed by Emotion
Fox with John Gibson: The Undercurrent of Muslim Support for Trump
BBC World Service: Travel Ban is not Anti-Muslim
Morano in the Morning: On Linda Sarsour, Manchester Attacks, and Islamic Reform
Renegade Report
Joe Piscopo Show: On Manhattan Attacks, Radicalization, the Role of Islam and Communities
Seth and Chris AM Patriot Radio: Judge Dismisses Sex Crime Charges in FGM Trial
The Federalist Society: Travel Moratorium Executive Order
We’re Just Taking About It Podcast: The Foundations of Muslim Reform In My Early Life (Ep. 8)
We’re Just Talking About It Podcast: Raising My Son in a Post 9/11 World (Ep 9)
We’re Just Talking About It Podcast: The Landscape of Muslim Reform (Ep 10)
Reformer Magazine: On Islamism and Muslim Reform


Muslim Reformers SHireen Qudosi Listen on Soundcloud

Between Two Muslims, Episode 1: Pakistani American speaks out refugees, imams and the hope of reform.
Between Two Muslims, Episode 2: The Problem of Islamic Extremism
Between Two Muslims, Episode 3: Why Did ISIS Attack a Sufi in Pakistan?
Clarion Project: Shireen Speaks with Rushd As-Safaa – Renewal vs. ReformHow to Draw Traditional Muslims Into the Picture
Clarion Project: Shireen Speaks with Charlotte Littlewood – On Linda Sarsour and Preventing Extremism
Clarion Project: Shireen Speaks with Soraya Deen – It’s Time for Muslim Women to Straighten Their Backs
Clarion Project: Shireen Speaks with Jeffrey Imm – Tackling American Hate Imams and Driving American Pluralism
Clarion Project: Shireen Speaks With Ayaz Merchant – Child Radicalization and How Communities Should Deal with Radicalization
Clarion Project: Is Hate Speech Terrorism?


DHS Subcommittee Hearing on Radical Islam [View at 1:55, 2:11, 2:28]
Varney & Co: Burkini Ban
BBC News: Muslim American Votes for Trump
Tomi Lahren: Islam’s Needed Reformation
Fox First 100 Days: Travel Ban
BBC Global: Muslim Reformer Shireen Qudosi on Trump Immigration Ban
NewsMax with Malzberg: Raheel Raza and Shireen Qudosi discuss temporary travel restrictions
The Glazov Gang: Muslim Free Thinker Calls Our Linda Sarsour
Truth Revolt: Glazov Gang Standoff: Saba Ahmed vs. Shireen Qudosi on “Does Islam Need Reform?”


Scott Jacobsen: Ask Shireen, Reformer Q and A


FaithWire: Muslim Writer Responds to Alicia Keys on the Beauty of Veils
American Rattlesnake: Chronicles of a Muslim Reformer
The Hill: Trump Camp Quietly Courts Muslims
Breitbart: Muhammad Would Have Been Viewed as…
Times of India: “Trump’s right, Islamic fundamentalism bigger threat…”
Mic: 13% of Muslim Americans in this CAIR exit poll voted for Donald Trump. Here’s why.


The Federalist: Of All People, Women Should Know Better Than to Support Witch Hunts
The Federalist: Why the Trump Administration Isn’t Yet Positioned To Push for An Islamic Reformation
The Federalist: Missing From “Islamophobia” Accusations Is Recognizing That Muslims Do It, Too
The Federalist: In Wake of Detroit Cases, American Muslims Target Female Genital Mutilation
The Federalist: Trump’s “Islam Speech” Invited The Muslim World To A Renaissance
The Federalist: Islamists Join Environmentalists At Standing Rock To Delegitimize America
The Federalist: Linda Sarsour’s Muslim Identity Politics Epitomize Feminism’s Hypocrisy
The Federalist: The Soft Bigotry of Jimmy Kimmel’s Low Muslim Expectations
The Federalist: What World War II Can Teach Us About Islamic Terror
The Federalist: No Obama, Muslim Heroism Means Reform
Gatestone Institute: Changing the Direction of Muslims
Gatestone Institute: Islamism’s Culture War Sets Sight on Multi-Billion Dollar Beauty Industry
Gatestone Institute: The World Needs to Drive Out Destructive Fantasies
Gatestone Institute: Egypt’s Battle Against Islamic Extremism
Gatestone Institute: Jew-Hating Imams Need to be Removed
On Being: The Sweet Confinement of Your Aloneness
Women’s Voices Now: In Era of #MeToo, FGM Must Be Seen As Sexual Violence
Clarion Project: Culture Shapes Childhood
Clarion Project: Texas imam sex grooming scandal
Clarion Project: Bill Maher, Political Correctness Isn’t Just a Finger Wag Anymore
Clarion Project: Google is Teaming up with Chinese Authorities to Crack Down on Muslims
Clarion Project: The Curse of Silicon Valley’s Community Standards
Clarion Project: Who Has the Widest Censorship Reach in Human History?
Clarion Project: Who is California’s Ammar Campa-Najjar?
Clarion Project: Alt-Right Muslims – Islamists 2.0
Clarion Project: Erdogan Represents Malcolm X’s Legacy?
Clarion Project: American Imam Zaid Shakir Calls for Dr. Ford to Receive 40 Lashes
Clarion Project: Why Women and Children Stay Silent During Islamist Abuse
Clarion Project: Twitter, Facebook, and Google: A Soft Form of Extremism?
Clarion Project: Forge Your Identity!
Clarion Project: Raising Your Children to Reject Supremacist Ideology
Clarion Project: Top Brotherhood Cleric Qaradawi’s Secret Life Revealed
Clarion Project: 17 years On, U.S. Politicians Still Support Terror Organizations
Clarion Project: U.S. Legacy in Afghanistan, a Four-Part Series
Clarion Project: The Answer to Islamophobia is More Muslim Scholars
Clarion Project: Georgia Judge Folds Under Medieval Blasphemy Charge
Clarion Project: Why Palestine Became a Litmus Test for Muslim Candidate Rashida Tlaib
Clarion Project: Western Cultural Bias Shapes “Grandfather” Siraj Wahhaj
Clarion Project: Why Do Muslim Politicians Push Identity Politics
Clarion Project: Can More Muslims Elected to Office Cure Islamophobia?
Clarion Project: New Mexico Extremists Were Grooming School Shooters
Clarion Project: Advice for the 90 Muslims Running for Office
Clarion Project: Why is CAIR Fundraising for MN Candidate Ilhan Omar?
Clarion Project: Tackling American Hate Imams
Clarion Project: Muslim Response to Anti-Semitism Not Good Enough
Clarion Project: Texas Imam Nick Rants Over Sex-Abuse Cover Up
Clarion Project: Saudi Barbarity Grows Bolder
Clarion Project: US: Muslim Women in Office a Response to Politics of Dehumanization
Clarion Project: Islamophobia Attacks: What’s Happening to Muslim Kids?
Clarion Project: Deradicalization Starts at the Dinner Table
Clarion Project: America’s First FGM Trial Fails to Punish Abusers


July 22, 2017: What ex-Muslims and Reformers have in common, plus Muslim voices unite against FGM, Army veteran speaks out, and standing up for the LGBTQ community.

July 28, 2017: Davis Imam Apologizes for Jew hate. “Not Good Enough” says petition organizer and CA-based Muslim Shireen Qudosi.


* Disclaimer: The phrase “Islamic reform” is used here strictly for SEO purposes. Please use patience and common sense before having a hysterical reaction to the idea that an Islamic reformation is the same as a Muslim reformation. 

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