Muslim Women Defending Ghazala Khan

Defending Ghazala Khan

Telling Trump “You did exactly what every Islamist does,” Muslim Reformer and Trump Supporter Shireen Qudosi challenges Trump’s attack on grieving mother Ghazala Khan whose presence was undeniably powerful at the Democratic National Convention, alongside her husband Khizr Khan.

While the back and forth exchange has been between Khizr Khan and GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, Qudosi looks to the woman whose voice echoed through her powerful presence.

“It is easier for men to ignore Ghazala’s presense on stage, especially in the rhetorical war between Trump and Khizr Khan. It’s easier to not see her. If they see her, they have to see what she represents. A mother is the most powerful archtype, and a grieving mother is emotionally overwhelming to witness. She didn’t need to speak. Her eyes spoke volumes and her presence was loud. Khizr Khan gave a contentious testimony, but Ghazala – all she had to do was stand there and that voice (at least to me) was louder than his. So then to see Trump defile her presence and stomp on her grief was horrifying – absolutely horrifying to me as a mother, as a Pakistani woman, as an American, a patriot and a conservative. This is not what we’re about. We’re better than this. So Sunday morning, I woke up still upset from reading about this the night before, I had to get it out. I had to stand up for Ghazala, because now she represents more than a mother. She represents a woman whose voice is not heard, whose presence is ignored. I’ve lived that my whole life. I won’t let anyone treat another woman that way.”

Muslim Reformer Shireen Qudosi

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