What Does it Actually Mean to Pray for Something?

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We bow our heads in prayer during invocations and benedictions. We offer prayers for “name that city” when a terrorist attack hits.  But between these moments, God is forgotten, faith is forgotten, humanity is forgotten.

A prayer isn’t a spiritual pit-stop in our day, even if it happens five times a day.  A prayer isn’t an ‘instant solution’ thought whose power is in the word itself, as if saying that you’ve offered ‘prayers’ is a prayer itself.

A prayer is a state of mind.

The Fourth War: Spiritual War

Prayers are comfort words, said even by politicians who I know have no faith – in either a God or a higher power.

So what does it mean to actually pray? For one, saying the word itself does nothing. It’s a loose and often clumsy thought from a shallow well. Think of when you blow on a dandelion. Where are those light airy stems actually going? What ability do they have to carry?

A prayer that comes from no foundation or belief isn’t the dandelion; it’s one stem in the whole structure and it can go nowhere and do nothing. However, no matter what faith or belief system you have – or even lack thereof – a focused thought is much more powerful.


Take one million children meditating for world peace in Thailand. Children are pure intention. They’re focused thought. Think of everything they’re able to accomplish and learn because they’re always so singularly focused. Times this by a million and you’ve got an immense energy wave.

“Our faith tells us that when two or more of us are together in fellowship, He will be there.

When we stand shoulder to shoulder, we are blessed in a spirit of communion.

Many of us are cities or countries apart but we are part of a communion of people coming together, standing united, and shoulder to shoulder in fellowship.”

The Fourth War: Spiritual War

It doesn’t matter what God you invoke through your prayer, but that you invoke a part of yourself that has the ability to be a lot more powerful than we’re told we are.




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