Cash Cow: A Forced Marriage Graphic Novel

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cash cow

When she wouldn’t agree to the marriage, 12-year-old grace was abducted on a motorcycle by her suitor. Her kidnapper (and soon husband-to-be) plotted the abduction with Grace’s father.

It’s a story of “over there” but it happens here too.

Southern California, 1995: a bright, mischievous and spirited 16-year-old Fatima went to school with us. She wore a hijab but everyone knew her for the beaming smile she always wore. And then one day it was gone. It was her uncle’s dying wish that she marry his son – her cousin. Her father agreed, and had beaten her daily until she finally agreed. The next day she was gone.

The story of Grace through a graphic novel makes it easier to us to understand the physical, psychological and emotional abuse behind a forced marriage. Cash Cow is written and produced by Marc Ellison, who writes of the difficult story that goes with it.

cash cow II


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