USCMO: An Inside Look at the US Council of Muslim Organizations

| June 30, 2016 | 2 Comments
USCMO Islamist organizations

Source: ICNA

Source: CounterJihad

It’s difficult to identify the allegiance of a ship at sea when that ship keeps changing its sails. That scenario is no different from the Muslim Brotherhood, a notorious band of chameleons whose sails are stars and stripes, but in whose hearts soars the twin-sword flag of the Brotherhood.

In the U.S., the Muslim Brotherhood is recognized through the wave of aggressive Muslim interest groups, including ISNA, ICNA, and CAIR. In recent years these lobbies faced growing pressure on three fronts. The first wave of pressure comes from watchdog groups who areexposing the underground network of Islamist collaborators who link these groups together. The second wave of pressure comes from the state and intelligencesector, as both are moving to either challenge or distance themselves from groups spearheaded by Islamists. And finally, the third wave of pressure comes from secular Muslims themselves who feel these groups no longer fully represent the wave of diverse Muslim opinion that has slowly but surely begun blossoming after 9/11.

In March of 2014, a new group formed with the aim of uniting a coalition of Muslim organizations: the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO). USCMO came into the spotlight more recently with the launch of their 2016 political campaign, “One America.” The campaign followed on the heels of a December 2015 emergency summit of over 100 mostly Muslim leaders who sought to offset a Muslim image crisis after GOP nominees’ unfavorable – albeit often true – remarks about some Muslim communities.

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  1. Solidspine says:

    These are all terrorist, none should be in North America, all are our enemy, they all need to be killed, all moslim are our enemy and need to be banned from North America, Europe, Israel, Australasia, South America, Asia, moslims need to be cloistered and castrated, left to die off.
    There never was a mohammed, moslims are inbred and need to be killed off.

    • Shireen Qudosi says:

      So according to that logic, you think I should be cloistered and killed? The larger problem with your thinking – aside from the blanket violence -is that THAT idea will never work. Even if you managed it and sanctioned it with global approval, it still won’t work.

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