How CAIR’s Tirade Against Ryan Mauro Exposes the Hamas-linked Group

| June 30, 2016 | 0 Comments

Ryan Mauro CAIR

Source: CounterJihad

Yesterday, national security analyst Ryan Mauro delivered a lecture to hundreds of law enforcement personnel in New York. It represented an embarrassing failure for the Muslim Brotherhood- and Hamas- linked lobby group CAIR, which called on law enforcement agencies to investigate whether any officers planned on attending the training conference.

CAIR worked to discredit Mauro by questioning his ability as an expert, tarnishing him as an “anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist.” Yet Mauro openly collaborates withMuslim reformers, the group of Muslims who harness the best of America in their pursuit of freedom, liberty and individuality. And Mauro flags the same issues that have been raised by other Muslims, including no-go zones in Europe and the threat of non-violent extremismthat is known as Islamism.

Islamism is the political branch of radical Islam that thrives domestically, often going undetected because of a hyper focus on foreign threats. Islamism is extremism in a suit and tie, where war is waged in a sociopolitical sphere using democracy and culture – making this form of extremism more difficult to identify and engage. Both radical Islam and Islamism are extensions of the same beast. While ISIS is a threat half a world away garnering the attention of a world audience, Islamism has seen steady growth and record wins within the U.S. over the last half a century – at least, until now.

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