Senator Ted Cruz Willful Blindness Hearing

Senator Ted Cruz Gets in Ring to Take on Radical Islam in “Willful Blindness” Hearing

On Tuesday, June 28, Senator Ted Cruz lead a critical Congressional hearing on the willful blindness of the Obama administration on the prohibition of language in the fight against radical Islam. The Obama administration is a long time aggressor in obstructing the use of key language, engaging in an ongoing Orwellian purge of identifiers that link the acts of radical groups with the political doctrine of Islam.

Leading the conversation, Senator Cruz denounced President Obama’s insistence that ISIS is not Islamic. The Counter Violent Extremism efforts under the Obama administration have relied on omitting religious language including jihad, sharia, takfir and ummah – words that are used daily by Muslims. There have been over 600 instances of language (and documents) being scrubbed from record under his administration – actions that were often times initiated by Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton.

The CounterJihad stream was live in covering the events with rapid-fire responses and tweets under the hashtag #willfullblindness. For more, check out a recap of the events and my initial two responses.

And follow CounterJihad on Twitter to stay tuned for more developments following his much-needed hearing that elevates the conversation by forcing it to be truthful.

willful blindness hearing on radical islam Recap: Willful Blindness: Senate Hearing on Efforts To Deemphasize Radical Islam in Combating Terrorism

willful blindness hearing on radical islam

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willful blindness hearing on radical islam

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