Contiguous State Deception

| May 28, 2011 | 1 Comment

Op-ed by Steven Shamrack

In a recent major speech at the State Department, President Obama, addressing the ‘democratic’ revolution in the Middle East and North Africa and predictably Israel became the main point of attention again. Obama, like many of his predecessors (Carter, both presidents Bush, Clinton) has made another attempt to resurrect the peace process between Israel and so-called Palestinians.

During his recent speech, addressing the Middle-East North African issues, President Obama stated: “The borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps”

Even before the speech, Obama knew that it is not an acceptable proposition to both sides, Israel and PA. Israel had much suffered from Arab aggression, before it was able to free some of Jewish land from Arab occupation in 1967. To return to 1967 borders would end the hope of the Jewish people to reunify Eretz-Israel and will put Israel in existential danger again. The PA has just been pretending that it is considering the idea of peace (a tactical deception to advance Israel’s destruction), as it was clearly outlined in the “Stage plan”! A few days later Obama reverted to the guarantee President Bush gave Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 2004, but humiliation and political damage to Israel had already been done. “Shoot first, clarify later” is a commonly used tactic of political assault on Israel!

”There was nothing particularly original in my proposal,” Obama admitted later during his presentation to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The idea of land swaps were proposed several times before, including by President George W. Bush but more diplomatically, and was vigorously rejected by PA. Knowing that, Obama had still felt compelled to publicly humiliate Israel again by this unacceptable idea of swapping Jewish land for Jewish land in order to accommodate the creation of another Arab-terror state.

During the years of fruitless negotiations the same idea was put on the table even by Israel several times. It was instantly squashed and rejected by PA leadership. The only reason why Obama has mentioned the “land swap” is to pretend that there is a ground for negotiation to make progress in the fake peace process. Fostering illusion of the peace process is the surest way to continue the conflict. This is the true aim of the multifaceted game! This is consistent with the history of US involvement in Arab-Israel conflict and all players have been playing this game quite well.

In his speech Obama said “The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state.”

What map had Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, not a friend of Israel, shown to him? Where did he see “contiguous” land – connection between Gaza and Judea/Samaria (West Bank)? Is he planning to cut Israel a half? Is it OK for Israel to be non-contiguous?

Fatah, Hamas and their masters will never recognize Israel – so forget about Israel as the “Jewish state”. They made it clear many times before. The PA blatantly ignores the major Oslo accords’ requirements for – recognition of Israel, stopping terror attacks and anti-Israel incitement.

A few years ago 8,500 Jews were forcefully removed from Gaza. There are almost 500,000 Jews living in Judea and Samaria. The PA is planning to create another Islam dominate state without Jews! Why is transfer of Jews from their ancestral land, in order to accommodate bogus claims of the terror supporting population, is satisfactory to the international community and it is not considered as a violation of the 4th Geneva convention, but transfer of the fake Palestinians to Sinai, a vast contagious land with very low population and various resources is not an acceptable one?

Why must the state of this fake nation, which was forged in order to destroy Israel, be created on Jewish land? The international anti-Semites have already displaced and committed numerous genocides and crimes against Jews in Britain, Spain and other places in Europe. Now they are assisting Arabs to finish their dirty job in the Jewish homeland!

Obama has also suggested put aside for the future negotiations the future of Jerusalem and the fate of Palestinian refugees. Recognition of Israel was ‘put aside’, end of terror attacks again on Israel was ‘put aside’, establishing democratic governance in PA is not a priority! Have this ‘genius’ negotiating tactic brought peace to Israel?

Why can’t we talk about fake Palestinian refugees now? During the war of Independence, which Arabs had instigated, some 460,000 people, currently known as Palestinians, left the conflict zone following orders from their leaders. Their numbers had doubled immediately following that the UN announced the aid available to them. Several generations of professional refugees have been created as a result.

Since then, close to 850,000 Jews have been forced to leave Muslims countries. Hypocrisy must be exposed! Facts are available if someone wants to find and learn them. Jew-haters and self-hating Jews do not want to know or just purposely disregard them!

The Arab-Israel peace process is a deception!

It is designed to prevent Israel from reclaiming Jewish land and establishing the sovereign Jewish state, Eretz-Israel. Western countries have been using instability in the Middle East in order to control oil supply from Islamic states. At the same time major Islamic ideological powers and organizations (Iran, Wahabi Saudi Arabia and Muslim brotherhood) are using the Arab-Israel conflict to divert attention from themselves and their true Islamic agenda – global world domination of Islam. That is why they created the fake Palestinian nation in 1964. Termination of Israel is just the first step in the holy war against “infidels”!

This is a peculiar symbiotic relationship between two enemies united by their hate for Jews and lust for power. Traditional anti-Semitism of the Western democracies and Russia have become the best ally of their own mortal enemies!


Steven Shamrak was born in the former Soviet Union (USSR) and participated in the Moscow Zionist “refusenik” movement and currently lives Australia. He publishes internet editorial letter (for almost 10 years) and website on the Arab-Israeli conflict. He can be reached by email at


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  1. At the top, it appears that this column is bylined by Shireen Qudosi. At the botton, it appears that it may be attributed to Steven Shamrak. Qudosi generally writes more sensibly than this, and takes a more comprehensive view of relevant facts.

    Shamrak takes a comforting set of tribal myths, blithely ignores several million human beings who live on the land he is talking about, and offers an emotional tirade signifying very little.

    I’ve always thought the emigration of Jewish people to the Holy Land and the emergence of Israel was a good thing. I have to wonder about that a little… King Abdullah’s appeal to the American readership in 1949 was a moderate document that made some unavoidable points. How can any people claim to displace those who have lived for thirteen centuries or more from their own land, on the grounds that “my ancestors lived here 1900 years ago”?

    Well, we hardly need to settle that question. It is an unalterable fact that several million of the world’s Jewish population do live there, have lived there for four or seven generations, and really have no place to “go back” to. They are a factor on the ground, and driving them into the sea is not an acceptable option.

    But there are other people living there. The reasons these people claim the West Bank as the land for their own nation include:

    1) Many of them live there, and have lived there for centuries.

    2) Many of the rest used to live in what is now Israel, and since it is not realistic that they will return to their ancestral homes, this is the next closest territory, where people they are closely related to already live.

    3) Treaties Israel has already entered into promise that they can have their own nation there, at some unspecified future time, under some undeveloped future diplomatic conditions.

    It may be true that, given unlimited choice, a majority of Palestinians would chose to dispossess the Israelis and take over the entire former British Mandate of Palestine. But, being realists, most realize that isn’t going to happen. So, the best way for Israel to obtain peace is to arrange for their immediate neighbors in the West Bank to be able to get on with building their own government and economy. There is nothing like a thriving prosperous economy to make people forget that they had considered blowing themselves up just for the satisfaction of taking twenty of “the enemy” with them.

    If Israel is guided by the loony fixations expressed in this article, then the rest of the world should abandon Israel to defend its misguided policies, and pay the price for them, without subsidies, without entangling ourselves diplomatically in the hard-headed irresponsibility of the Israeli government. Yes, Israel is a sovereign nation, and can make its own choices. But the rest of the world doesn’t have to pay for those choices.

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