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Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

BritzChannel4A two part mini series airing on BBC in 2007, Britz takes on a divided plot line by telling the same story from two different points of view. One family, two siblings, and a completely unexpected turn of events. If you’re able to get a hold of this, I recommend checking it out.

Here’s a review courtesy of English Blogs:

No, it is not the “cool” way of saying Brits. It is in fact a two-part mini-series presented by BBC. Britz is a daring step by the media giant in which they take a closer look at the Muslim culture in the United Kingdom. If you remember, London had its own run in with Muslim extremist years ago when the London Tube was bombed in 2005. The series, however, is not a re-enactment of the tragedy. Instead, Britz focuses on the lives of two second generation Muslims – a brother and a sister – and how their lives branched out into two separate paths.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Britz is “flawed” but compelling:

This two-night miniseries has an interesting format: The first follows Sohail Wahid (Riz Ahmed), a law student who eventually goes to work for MI5, Britain’s domestic spying operation. During the second installment, the same period of time is covered but is told from the perspective of his medical student sister, Nasima (Manjinder Virk).

The first half of “Britz” works well as a stand-alone spy thriller as well as a reasonably deft exploration of the conflicting cultures young Muslims living in the West navigate every day. We’re never told exactly why Sohail wants to join MI5, but the agency quickly realizes that he’s a valuable asset, given his ties to the large Muslim community in his home town of Bradford, Yorkshire.

Editor’s Note: Britz was a great portrayal of the proverbial “fork in the road.” What would have really pushed it to a full five star rating is better narrative and character development that showed what really made and drove these two very separate individuals within a single family.

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