Israel, The Good Enemy

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Muslim reformers reformation israel

Israel’s relationship to the Palestinians has always been globally approached with standardized heavy criticism made to Israel.  The main charges waved in Israel’s face have always been “the Disapropriate use of force” and “discrimination”.

Israel’s critics, either willingly or out of ignorance, choose to overlook the way many Arab countries mistreat Palestinians. Some Arab countries are almost never blamed for what they have been doing to the Palestinians for decades.  Such selective recognition of facts by Israel’s critics is bizarre when weighed by truth instead of myths.

In December of 2008, Israel launched operation “cast lead” against Hamas which was launching rockets on Southern Israel on a daily basis.  This operation has resulted in the death of more than 1,400 Palestinians, many said to be civilians; an absolute tragedy, nonetheless, those criticizing Israel fail to recognize that the number of causalities is small comparing to Gaza’s population of 1.5 million, considering the high density of Gaza’s population per square kilometre, the number suggests the Israeli forces were very cautious in carrying out their attacks, despite the fact that they were chasing a moving target, Hamas militants.  If Israeli forces were targeting Palestinian civilians, the number of the dead would have reached tens of thousands.

On comparison; in 1976, Lebanese militiamen butchered 2,000 Palestinians; almost wiping out the entire population of Tell al-Zaatar refugee camp within days.  This was revisited again in 1982 in Sabra and Shatelah massacre; where, in less than four days, Lebanese militiamen killed thousands of women and children who posed no threat as most Palestinian fighters had left then to Tunisia. Two years ago, al-Jazeera satellite network aired rare footage of Palestinians running to Israeli soldiers for refuge from the massacre.

Furthermore, most Arab atrocities against Palestinians have included documented rape cases, even of children, while not a single rape case has been reported against Israeli forces in more than sixty years of operations.

Arab governments’ oppression of the Palestinians does not stop at bloodshed and wholesale  slaughters, in fact the more troubling aspects of the way they treat Palestinians is in the systematic long-range exclusion and discrimination.   In Arab countries where Palestinians make up a good percentage of the population; they are depraved of all basic necessities, starting with education, down to basic healthcare.  Even at countries that have granted the Palestinians citizenships; the Palestinians stand helpless and banned from every potential to improve their livelihoods.

Israel, on the other hand, has always allowed Palestinians to work there and to get paid in Western standards, and even had allowed them generous access to healthcare.  In fact, Israel has also welcomed Palestinians as visitors, patients and even as investors, this generosity was only limited when Hamas started bombing Israeli civilians with no signs of an end in sight.

The complexity Israel has with Palestinians revolves around security rather than ideological issues; Israel does not have an aim to enslave the Palestinians for life or purposely degrade their humanity. While many Arab countries have designed their systems to discriminate and humiliate the Palestinians, squeezing them into illiteracy and poverty while milking them for tax money.

This has become most visible recently with calls in some Arab countries to revoke citizenships of all Palestinians there and actually to force them to seek local guarantors to obtain residency, thus enslaving them for life.

This comes as a deeper shock for Palestinians when they see Israeli Arabs, with many of them describing themselves as “Palestinians in Israel”; those are full citizens of Israel with access to all privileges.  Israeli Arabs are fully represented inside the Knesset while Palestinians, in their Arab homeland, are allowed only symbolic presence in parliaments, even at countries where they are the majority.  And while some Arab countries selectively withdraw citizenships from Palestinians, many Arab Knesset members do not hesitate to speak against Israel with no fear of losing their citizenships or entitlements.

Still, while the world is most vocal about Israeli military operations, it fails to recognize that Israel has been dealing with non-stop unrest on its soil since the breakout of the Intifada in 1987.  Has that Intifada taken place in any Arab country; it would have ended within the first couple of weeks with an Arab army killing more than ten thousands Palestinians, most being civilians.  Examples of this are countless and in all Arab countries hosting Palestinians; yet the world seems to think this reality is too overrated to recognize.

Today, with peace negotiations up and running, some Arab governments seem to want to butcher the Palestinians again on the altar of dictatorship by worsening their living conditions and making their lives more miserable, just to secure a better negotiating position or merely a seat at the negotiations table.  Not to mention that many of those actually would rather see the negotiations fail in order to keep more international aid money flowing to them for “hosting” the Palestinians.

Quoting a commentator on one of my articles; “the Palestinians, do obviously need a break from their sworn Arab friends”, and perhaps they can reconnect to them when they have learned a lesson or two from their Israeli “enemies”.

Meanwhile, the world will remain silent about the Palestinians’ suffering at the hands of some of their “brothers”, as it’s too occupied with Israel.

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  1. Rob says:

    Super article, Mudar. I shall forward it to the editor of my local newspaper here in the U.S.

  2. Editor says:

    It’s indeed a fantastic piece and I look forward to more of the same from Mudar.
    Rob, thank you for submitting it to your local paper. If accepted, please make sure the editor includes the source/site of original publication.


  3. Robertshort1 says:

    Great article. The world needs to see more of this and must wake up to the truth!

  4. itsik says:

    As an Israeli it`s just great to see there are few Palestinians out there that see realty as it is … Israel is not innocent and god knows we made many mistakes over the years but as you state the amount of criticism and the worlds hypocrisy is just amazing

  5. Ayala says:

    I’m sending this article to as many people as I can.

  6. Native NY'r says:

    I’m pleasantly shocked. Todah/Shukran for stating what is factual instead of what has been known as “Arafat-logic”. Why not call yourself an Israeli? You live in the country of Israel right? Why give credit to the father of all modern-day terrorism? He called himself a Palestinian and was anything but that. Yet there are many who were “Palestinian” but were not Muslim during the Ottoman/British colonization.

    I’m just going by recorded historical facts. I refuse to give credit to those who brought more terrorism into the world we live in. He was not a man of peace but of “Pieces” as he even murdered his own family members. He was insane. But then his uncle was the partner of Hitler. So what more should we expect.

  7. Arthur says:

    Sorry – but you must be wrong. Why would UK trade unions call for boycotts against the Zionist entity but NOT call for boycotts of Iran, North Korea, Syria, Libya or many other countries that oppress their own citizens. This includes the UCU representing University staff including University of Bedfordshire academics. Obviously you have a bias against supporting the free and democratic regimes such as North Korea and Iran and instead are defending the repressive, racist regime in the Zionist Entity.

    Well either the above, or perhaps it’s just another case of picking on Israel as a surrogate for anti-Semitism and anti-Palestinianism. As if you start believing what you write, then it forces the world to go against the above regimes and then both the Palestinians AND Israel would win out. So let’s have policies that hurt both!

    • Nith says:

      While you would think that this is the same old song and dance, but in majority of the western world, in particular the guys running trade unions are huge Anit-Semites. I know you are thinking this typical knee jerk reaction of Israel supporters, but it is fact. They are not doing it because they are Palestinian supporters but because they are doing the same thing that has been done for centuries, using Jews as scapegoats to avoid personal accountability.

    • Fisherg10 says:

      Arthur, for your information the uk trade unions are motivated to do acts from their own needs. it’s good for their politics to boycot israel. it’s better for their relations with the wealthy arab countries who provides oil and money to their economy.
      i dont think that truth or falsh can be judge by the prespective of a economical group.
      i suggest u not to “eat” everything, and to do research of your own and to read all the sides of the story.

  8. Merav Pivco says:

    well…she is palestinian…why dont you read wot she has to say???

  9. Lior Uziel says:

    Thank you so much Mudar Zahran for this article.
    Alas, I think that most of the world is not really interested in the Palestinians not the Israelis. Europeans mostly care about their own wellfare and there are rumors of people taking the Palestinian side just to avoid problems with muslim people in their neighborhood.
    What is funny, is that this exact behavior is hurting the Palestinians, as you yourself has mentioned in a previous article.

    Last, some people are so focus with hatred towards Israel, that no fact will sway them from their beliefs. For example, you wrote rightfully “Furthermore, most Arab atrocities against Palestinians have included documented rape cases, even of children, while not a single rape case has been reported against Israeli forces in more than sixty years of operations”. A left winged women have done her research about the fact that no rape of Palestinian women has been done by Israelis, as an example of how inferior do the Jews regard the Palestinians that they don’t even get attracted to Palestinian women… Now go and talk to this woman….

    Thanks again

  10. Schroopy76 says:

    The Palestinian people have become international pawns, used by their “host” countries to forward a private agenda. It’s about time someone from the “inside” pointed this out. Israel has tried to be welcoming while still being on the defensive. A very tough balancing act. I challenge all the other host countries to do the same. Great article!!!

  11. Cnelson says:

    Well done!

  12. Nith says:

    Thanks for the great article, while I was aware of the atrocities that HAMAS is doing to its own people, I was not aware of the situation of Palestinians in other Arab countries.

  13. Thank you for your honest assessment. I would love for you to have a talk show in the United States to educate the brainwashed masses who know nothing of the truth about Arabs oppressing the Palestinians.

  14. Irwin Vinod says:

    That is amazing!!! It is really a wrinting on the wall!
    Thank you very much my dear friend Mudar Zahran to bring the truth to the people of this world.Best wishes to you.
    Irwin Vinod

  15. Stefan says:

    It is a tragedy for the Palestinian Arabs that Mudar’s insights have the sheen of novelty to them when, if truth be told, they should be a tired orthodoxy.
    When Palestinian Arab leaders, their ostensible friends in the Muslim world and, increasingly, in non-Muslim Leftist circles, tear themselves away from the demands of anti-Zionist ideologies and instead focus on the needs and aspirations of common people they will finally see the Israeli hand of friendship which has been stretched out to them for the past 60-odd years.
    The wilful blindness of the ideologues is criminal.

  16. Nyshoes9 says:

    Palestine is the land of whom? Palestine was land of Canaaina first. Salahedin Ayoubi an Iranian Kurd (Muslim) tokes over the Palestine by sword and push them to accept Islam or give Jaziah. First Muslim deeds the same to …from Iran to Spain. Now Palestine is land of whom? Are the Palestine’s ppl convert to Islam by peace? If yes. Than why first Muslim deed needed to invade Palestine by sword?

    I don’t say that land is from Jewish cause bible say so. But Jewish living there almost 3000 years before Islam. Arab invades Palestine by sword and toke the land and made it Muslim country. Why? Who gave them fucking right to invade a country and make if Muslim country? Who gave Muslims right to invade from India to Spain? Who gave Muslims right to invade Iran, Syria, Egypt, and Spain and build Mosque there? Why you think Palestine is mulish country? Who told you that? In wwII when Jewish was fighting to Germany, Muslims was helping Germany to destroy Jewish. Mofti as a Muslim Imam was working for Hitler and he send many Muslims to German army. My friend, before WWII there was no official Palestine state.

    Let don’t talk about Jewish. Do you know Palestine Muslims has killed thousand Palestine Christians? 50 years ago, when France left Lebanon, less than %10 of Lebanon were Muslim, today they are almost above %70. Do you how it comes? Palestine refugees when run to Egypt and Jordan, those two countries killed thousands of Palestine refugees. Then they run to Lebanon to ask refuge and Lebanon gave them a warm welcome. Thousand Palestine refugees got a warm home in Lebanon. Little by little they grow and start killing Lebanon Christians. Muslims killed thousand Christians in Lebanon. If there was no Israel, today all Lebanon Christians were killed in their own country. Actually Muslims invade Lebanon by force and money/weapon from Iran and Syria. Lebanon was not a Muslim country. But they make it a Muslim country. as they call Spain Andelus until today.

    Palestine is not a lMuslim country. As Iran is not a Muslim country. They made it. In Iran living many other religions and cultures. But why they call a country Muslim country whiile they are living milions non muslims too? Who give them fucking right to do that?

    Honestly am happy of existing of Israel and I hope it will be exist for ever. Cause he teaches them a good lesson. Israel is only answer to Islamic world.

    • Sad4ever2003 says:

      You are not making any snese, you need to imporve your English language skills.

    • Palestinian says:

      You said this: “Do you know Palestine Muslims has killed thousand Palestine Christians? 50 years ago”, ok Eisntien, source please? You perhaps are realted to one of the Chrtsian Lbenase criminals who have buchered and raped Palestinian children.

      • Trudy says:

        In 1970 Arafat and his terror troopers were defeated by the Jordanian Army in what is known as ‘Black
        September’ battle. 10,000 ‘palestinians’ were killed, including both armed Fatah & PLO militants & unarmed refugees. Arafat, the UN-brave, fled to Lebanon with the rest of his troops and received asylum. He showed his gratitude by terrorizing the Lebanese for 12 years (1970-1982) in what is known as Arafat & his Fatan/PLO REIGN of TERROR. During that period, they slaughtered 100,000 Lebanese, mostly Christians, but also some Moslems like an unfortunate village Sheikh who was found with some Israeli coins in his pockets and thus suspected of collaborating with the Israelis. He was tied between 2 cars and cut into 2 pieces to the horror of his fellow villagers who were forced to watch. Naturally the Lebanese weren’t very fond of the palestinians after that which led to the Phalangists massacring 800 refugees at Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps. Meanwhile, Arafat and his butchers were expelled from
        Lebanon to Tunis by Arik Sharon. Althogether Arafat & his followers slaughtered thousands of innocent people over the years, including many Israeli civilians (men, women, old and young) before & during the Oslo ‘peace’ period. As for raping and butchering, that is exactly what Arafat & his men did to thousands of Lebanese women and girls. They would attack villages & towns, butchering entire families – mothers, fathers, children, grandparents….in their homes. In Israel too, the ‘palestinians’ began their massacres
        in the 1920’s, raping, torturing, killing and wounding hundreds of helpless Jews in Hebron and Safed, who had been living there peacefully for hundreds of years. When will all this end…only with the Coming of the Messiah after the dark times known as the End of Days. May all the good people of this world whether Jews, Christians,Moslems, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, or non-believers be protected from the horrors to come. Amen

        • Mustafa says:

          were you there watching all that?
          the ratio of ten to seventy percent is because Muslims have more children than Christians, even a donkey knows that. Can’t you find that out?

      • Anonymous says:

        They didn’t succeed; but they tried. During the war of Independence in 1948, the villagers of the village of Illut outside of Nazareth attempted to murder all of the Christians of Nazareth. How do I know? I was told by my friends in Illut that the Jews had executed about 40 men from their village during the war. I could hardly believe my ears. I was stunned. I brought this up with some of the Christians of Nazareth that I knew and they confirmed it. BUT, they ALSO told me it was because the villagers were going to murder them; and, they called in the Jewish Army to protect them from their Muslim neighbors. Unsurprisingly they were NOT upset about what occured in Illut!

    • Muhammad Mustafa Mustaan says:

      I think you are unawar of the reality and are absured by the wrong history book which was written by those who had animosity to Muslims in their hearts. there is no one even i Christians to claim if Salahuddin had ever tried to convert people by sword.Rather history has always told us one more thing that when crusaders came, they killed and butchered all the Muslims of the region and this continued for 99 years. when Salahuddin came, he could kill all those who surrendered but he did’t and released them all.
      Now if one is making Israel state of angels, it is not surprising the other one would claim that Salahuddin turned the people to Islam by sword!

      • Rayklinger says:

        well not according to actual people living in arab villages in israel. these people speak out in a documentary their story of how their jewish forebearers were forced converted to islam

  17. Ash says:

    Yor are nazi’s sntisemit

  18. Chaya says:

    G-d bless you for speaking out.

  19. Dori Taback says:

    I traveled to Egypt in 1979 and my tour guides spent the whole trip teasing our Palestinian driver about not having a home. They called him in Arabic, “Palestinian, No-Land”.

    • SAD4EVER2003 says:

      I grow up in Saudi Arabia, and as a Palestinian, they have always called me MUSHARAD, Palestinian No-Home.

      Even when I went to America for college, my Saudi friend there, on the first occassion we disagreed, he called me a Palestinian Musharad (no-home).

      • Rayklinger says:

        they call you this because it is true. you and your family are unfortunately the result of Islamic propaganda machine and jihad against israel and the west. your name ‘palestinian’ is the figment of the imagination of Arab leaders in the Middle East. The ONLY palestinians were the remnant of jews not dispursped under Roman Rule in 70 AD. There has always been a jewish remnant in the land of Israel. Under the British Mandate, the jewish population was yet again called Palestinians, following the Roman Name not their own name. In response to the promise the mandate (promise for Jewish homeland) the arab leaders and Jihad created an Arab presence. Remember, at this time there was no Jordan. So as time progressed, the world came closer to WWII, the English were pressured more and more by the Arabs, so Jewish immigration was yet again stiffled while Arag migration flourished with no limitation. So in response to further pressure, Great Britain alloted a portion of what is now eastern Jordan to remain Palestine and be given to the Arabs. The rest was to be the Jewish state of Israel (including what is now Jordan). This of course was shrunk more and more to what is little left for the Jewish state, under Arab pressure. Just before the Independance of Israel and the withdrawal of British troups, surrounding arab states told the arab popultion which had at this point grown significantly in 20-30 years, give or take, to temporarily leave their homes, to get out of the way of the impeding war because they intended to send their soldiers to squash Israel the day the British left. Well they were wrong and they lost the war. This is the real source of the population that is called Palestinians. They were new comers to Palestine-Now Israel. They very well could have be reintegrated into their native homelands however this did not serve the Jihad and so were forced to remain separate and be discriminated so that they would look like refugees serving the Jihad against Israel

  20. Thank you so much for speaking the truth in the matter of how Arab dictatorships treat the Palestinians and for showing how humane the State of Israel is to it’s Arab Israeli population. Toda Raba and Shalom.

  21. Violent_bishop says:

    arabs do not want to give Palestinians citizenships because they do not want them to completely lose hope of their homeland. if they give them citizenships, then there is no way they will want to go back to their homeland, even when palestine is free.

    • Aaron says:

      Is this their excuse for the cruelty they visit upon their displaced brethren?

    • Aaron says:

      The Arab dictatorships created the Palestinians displacement by using them as pawns against the Israelis…60 years later and the Palestinians are still being treated like garbage – these dogs have no shame.

  22. Editor says:

    Please note: Violent or profane comments will be deleted.

  23. Muhammad Mustafa Mustaan says:

    One sided propaganda article

    • Aaron says:

      So are you saying that there is a good reason for the Arab Regimes to terrorize the Palestinians?

    • Hblaswilson says:

      Mustafa – what size is your bomb belt? Will you be a shaheed for your heroes?

    • Anh_Willem says:

      The truth is shocking sometimes, isn’t it?

      But it’s not too late to open your eyes and observe without prejudice, instead of blindly repeating whatever the fanatics and mullahs tell you.

  24. Samisami says:

    The world is not silent, the world is ignorant.

  25. William Jacobs says:

    Such a terrible argument. To say that 1’400 Civilian lives lost is lawful, because in comparison to the potential loss of tens of thousands of civilian lives was avoided, is just a poor argument. justifying military action against any nation with the argument “it could have been a lot worse” insights the behaviour of kidnappers and captives. Is your new found appreciation of your oppressors any more than Stockholm syndrome.

    • Aaron says:

      No William,
      1400 civilians? Where do you get your figures from?
      This is not Stockholm syndrome on Mudar’s part, it is arrogance and ignorance on yours – to blame Israel when Hamas uses civilians as shields only proves my point – Israel did not target civilians…contrast this with the actions of Hamas.
      You see – everything you are fed and lead to believe does not hold a candle next to the actual truth – a truth which unless you see for yourself, you will never believe.

    • Stan_tee2 says:

      Just a pity, William, that Hamas itself has proven you wrong. Please see
      Run it through google translate and you’ll discover that the Hamas Interior Minister proudly boasts of the number of fighters killed in Gaza. Surprisingly (to you, perhaps), his figures agree with those of the IDF! The vast majority of Gazans killed were NOT civilians.

  26. Flygal3322 says:

    Thank you for this article. It is very enlightening. I am an American Citizen. My husband and I feel for the Palestinian people. They have not home in Israel or the Arab countries. I am against Israel’s settlements and I am for the Palestinian’s having a homeland of their own.

    • Anonymous says:

      They actually have one. It is called Jordan. They can replace the Hashemite ruling family and establish their own government as they are 90% of the population of Jordan.

  27. Yonalg says:

    At last somebody tells the truth.
    Nickname Jews “occupiers” in their homeland is hypocrisy.
    The Arabs settled in the Land of Israel had stolen the Palestinian identity for
    political reasons. This way it is easy to fight against the renewal
    of Jewish sovereignty in their homeland. Pls. read this article.
    and watch the Att.
    and read that article too:

    • Odedisra says:

      This is not what this article is about, and the author didn’t write “the truth” about it.
      What you say about The Land Of Israel being the ancient homeland of the Jews is indeed true, and it is also true that the Jews had a right to Establish their own independent state, at least on the part of their historic homeland – even if, indeed, other people eventually conquered this land and some of them even settled on it over time … However, the situation today is that in addition to approximately -5.7 million Jews living in this country also has about 4.5 million Arabs who live there (you can call them “Palestinians” or not – it does not matter), from which about – million are Israeli civilians while the rest are residents of Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

      Therefore, if Israel wants to remain a Jewish state, which has a Jewish majority that has sovereignty over itself and does not live as a minority under the mercy of others, Israel has the duty to strive for a distribution of the entire land into two states – one will remain a Jewish state, and the other will be an Arab-“Palestine” state…

      Nostalgia for the ancient past and trying to restore it at the expense of other people – which from their presence on the land you try to ignore – may do more harm to Israel than to those Arabs…

      • Dlvy123 says:

        Demagogy and Hypocrisy to Murder and inherit.
        Since time immemorial Jews lived on the land of Israel.
        Ever long before Muhammad born. Muhammad murdered
        The Jews in ( Arabic: خيبر ) – KHAYBAR (Today in Yemen), those who kept him
        from his enemies. On those days in KHAYBAR he learned about Jewish religion
        and started to write the Koran.
        Later, the Muslims occupied the land of Israel from the Jews by force with Saladin
        Army (Arabic: صلاح الدين يوسف بن أيوب‎ ) .
        SO, be honest to admit that the just and true statement, the following: – Arab Muslims are
        The Occupiers who occupied the land of Israel from the Jews and not vice versa.
        On 1948, after the Holocaust Jews came back to their Homeland the land
        Of ISRAEL and pushed back the Arab Muslims The Occupiers.

        • Odedisra says:

          I am an Israeli Jew – born and raised in Israel. I am also a devouted Zionist, fully conscious to the legacy of my homeland and my people. I should also mention that I took Bible studies and Archeology at the University of Haifa for five years – with specialization on “Biblical Archaeology” (but I also learned about the period of Arab conquest, of course)… Therefor, it would be very easy for me to be honest and “admit” that most of the historical facts you’ve mentioned are, indeed, true – Jews lived on the land of Israel ever long before Muhammad was born; Muhammad murdered the Jews in KHAYBAR (Though its not the one in Yemen, its another one near Al-Maddina); The Arab Muslims are Occupiers who occupied the land of Israel; On 1948, after the Holocaust Jews came back to their Homeland (in fact some came even beffore – since 1870’s) and pushed back the Arab Muslims Occupiers, etc…

          However, I was talking about what is the situation today, and how we should end the wars in a way that can be good for bouth Jews and Arabs – the “Two States” way…

      • Anonymous says:

        There is nowhere near 4.5 million Arabic speaking folk living in the area. These numbers have for political purposes been wildly inflated. Saying 3 million would be hard as it is closer to 2.5 million.

  28. carpe perendie says:

    This kind of truth will be ignored and given short shrift by the MSM, as usual. Nothing to see here, just move along….

  29. Areade says:

    This is the finest article because it throws light on the truth and says it like it is

  30. george khoury says:

    enjoying your hasbara paycheck, mudar?

  31. Rhom49 says:

    It is encouraging to see this article written by an intelligent, educated man of arab descent, I hope many others will read it.

  32. Hinda says:

    While I am of the opinion that the term “Palestinian” is a misnomer. The author of this article had stated facts instead of the usual Arafat/Goebbels propaganda revisionism that we have been reading for years and years. If Israel was to treat the “Palestinians” as being discussed in the modern media – the world would be more outraged than ever. Yet the facts that the “Palestinians” are doing the harm against themselves via their leaders and compatriots are not being reported. It’s true that there have been slaughters of “Palestinians” by their “bretheren” over the decades but what price is life? We outsiders have seen homicide and suicide bombers; children as young as 18m wearing bomb belt vests; the graduating classes of 2003-2004 of University of Southern California-Irvine had even dressed up as Hamass Shaheeds – some with real vests. So again I ask – what price is life? I have seen history repeat itself in the practices of the heroes of many Muslims such as Hezbollah, Al Queda, Hamass, PLO, PA marching, saluting, speaking like Hitler and his people without any condemnation from any Muslim community. As an American who is Jewish, I have witnessed first hand of my rights as an individual being slowly compromised due to the terrorism that the world has experienced since 2001. This was not done by the US government but by those who are known as Muslim JIHADISTS. Our western cultures are being compromised such as meat packing plants having to accommodate employees who refuse to work due to prayer times. Ridiculous! As a Jew I would never insist that my employer change their way of business to accommodate me.

  33. Odedisra says:

    There is a big difference between being Pro-Palestinian, and being Anti-Israeli. Unfortunately, most people attacking Israel, whether those who come from the Arab world and whether those who come from the media and politics of the Western world, are not really “Pro-Palestinian”, they are only “Anti-Israeli”.

    The overwhelming majority of those people does not really care about the suffering of the Palestinians or about what their fate would be in the end… They don’t feel any real empathy for the victims of violence and oppression – not in Sudan, not in Pakistan, not in Iran, not in Syria, not in Lebanon, not in China, not in North Korea, and not in Gaza or the West Bank either. The “death of Palestinian children” doesn’t really interest them more than the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children in Darfur, and the “death of Palestinian women” does not really interest them more than the deaths of tens of thousands of women murdered or executed every year because of “immoral behavior” around the Muslim world… The only reason they’re dealing with “Palestinian suffering” obsessively, while presenting moralistic stance, it’s because they have a serious obsession of hatred toward the Jewish state.

    Even more unfortunate is that most of the Palestinians themselves are like this too – more obsessed with hatred of Jews than concerned about improving their own situation…

  34. Amit says:

    Some examples of Arab oppression of Palestinians:
    Jordan – thousands of Palestinians killed in “Black September”. Palestinians are the majority in that country but nevertheless they are controlled by Hashemite minority,
    Lebanon – tens of thousands of Palestinians killed during the Lebanon civil war by other Arabs, it’s continued until today – in 2007 some 400 Palestinians were killed in an invasion of the Lebanon’s army on a “refugee camp”. Palestinians in that country are deprived from citizenship and with it a lot of basic human and civil rights.
    Kuwait – hundreds of Palestinians were murdered by the authorities after the end of the first gulf war, because of Arafat support’s to Saddam Husain, some 300,000 Palestinians were expelled from that country after the war ended.

    I can continue with more and more examples but I believe that everybody got the massage.
    if you count bodies – not a pleasant thing to do – you realize one amazing fact, more Palestinians were killed by Arabs in the last 60 years than by Israel, if you put together the number of Palestinians killed in Jordan (10,000+-) and the number of Palestinians killed in Lebanon (30,000+-), you get more than twice the number of Palestinians killed by Israel (18,000).

  35. Dlvy123 says:

    Demagogy and Hypocrisy to Murder and inherit.
    Since time immemorial Jews lived on the land of Israel.
    Ever long before Muhammad born. Muhammad murdered
    The Jews in ( Arabic: خيبر ) – KHAYBAR (Today in Yemen), those who kept him
    from his enemies. On those days in KHAYBAR he learned about Jewish religion
    and started to write the Koran.
    Later, the Muslims occupied the land of Israel from the Jews by force with Saladin
    Army (Arabic: صلاح الدين يوسف بن أيوب‎ ) .
    SO, be honest to admit that the just and true statement, the following: – Arab Muslims are
    The Occupiers who occupied the land of Israel from the Jews and not vice versa.
    On 1948, after the Holocaust Jews came back to their Homeland the land
    Of ISRAEL and pushed back the Arab Muslims The Occupiers.

  36. getitright says:

    decent enough to point out the critics of Israel are based on myths and Israel actually treats their Arabs with humanity and full rights to those who choose them. It can not be stressed enough that the Arabs bring on any problems themselves through their terrorist culture and treatment of their host country. It is true that the Israeli violence is disproportionate – in that the IDF has an UNDER-response to the amount of violence coming from the Arabs. ANY other nation, would have squashed such terrorism from guests with in days, decades ago. Yet Israel really only gives them a slap everytime the terrorism escalates above a threshhold – because the terrorist violence NEVER stops, is an ongoing daily presence in Israela and ongoing threat to its citizens.

    The main problem with this analysis is that it is based on a fundamental MYTH – the existance of palestinian people is a MYTH. Any palestinians were actually Jews living Judea and Galilee under the Roman Empire which called the land of Israel, “Palestine” after the Great Jewish Revolt in 70BCE…The British Mandate continued this Roman conventional name – but do not forget that the Mandate was set up to be handed over to the Jews for the Jewish Homeland. There were only a few handfuls of Arab migrant workers. The MAJORITY of the population has always been Jewish. There is a documentary that interviews arab villages in Israel, many of the populations will tell you that they are Jews whose families were forced to convert to Islam under the Turkish rule. This is their life now why should they leave their villages etc. This is tragic. But I mention it here only to point out that throughout the centuries the population here was always Jewish – only muslem under forced conversion. There were and never was any Arab population called Palestinians after a homeland, or nation, called Palestine.THEREFORE there can be NO Arab Palestinian population in other Arab countries. Arab Palestinians are simply a creation of the Muslim Propaganda machine as a thorn in Israel’s side, a platform from which to launch jihad against the only non-muslim country in the middle east.

  37. Robert Whitehill says:

    It is very likely that the Palestinian people–ost of them–in Israel and outside–including the Beduins–are descendants Jews and Samaritans.

  38. Simon says:

    Explain WHY these facts are not being publicized daily in all magazines and newspapers?

    • Lorinleorda (aka Nick) says:

      Simon,boker tov.
      Gam ani shoel oto davar.The same I ask why the people with possibilities,in special from Israel,don’t make public this positiv opinion.Israel must to improuve their apport In international propaganda, when Arab people tell something positive about their”enemy.”
      Nick,The bestSUA,FL.

  39. Carol says:

    Thank you for this truthful article. With so many lies and antisemitism around, it is refreshing to hear the truth. I am an Israeli woman, and I know that although some times my country does treat the Palestinians badly, it always treats them much better than the other Arab leaders, including their own Palestinian leaders.

  40. Paul Spector says:

    Arab leaders will eventually lose their dominance and their livelihoods when Palestinians and other Arabs who suffer from exploitation by these leaders (read Milkers) will come to the realization that cooperation with Israel will bring them economic improvement, dignity, freedom and democratic governance.

  41. Vschneider says:

    I am grateful that someone of integrity, intelligence and insight finally has the guts to tell the truth about the Arab nations oppression and suppression of “Palestinians”. Thank you, Mudar Zahran! May you and your family grow old in health and joy and may you continue to see clearly.

    As a Jew who prays for peace more than once a day, and really means it, I look forward to the day when Israel will have to work less at being a just, defensive nation and will be able to be a just, collaborative neighbour.

  42. Noahdcohen says:

    While I appreciate your honesty, I am not sure why the Israelis do not say “enough” and expell their murderous cousins to Arab lands to let them enjoy their brother’s hospitality. Years of brainwashing at a young age by the PA and Hamas has made it all but impossible to “deprogram” a hostile population. Suicide bombers, snipers, stabbers, tractor suicide missions, homicidal rock smashers, saboteurs, arsonists, thieves, and rapists. This is the thanks Israel gets. Who needs it?

  43. Angela Wine says:

    It certainly is heartwarming to read what Mudar Zahran says, a ray of light and hope in this crazy conflict between the Arab World and Israel.
    Wish there were othere that could be so tolerant

  44. Angela Wine says:

    Flygal3322 Don’t you understand that as long as those Palestinians and Arabs want to annihilate Israel, and who believe the land of Israel is also “occupied” land and there should be no Israel, therefore Israel cannot allow a regime such as Hamas to be in complete control i.e run a Palestinian state. For Israel this is virtually committing suicide. As far as the settlements are concerned, why cannot Jews live on Palestinian land as do Israeli Palestinians live on Israeli land?????

  45. QuietSail says:

    Any news have you of the contiuance of the book of news called the Bible?

  46. Davidtuson38 says:

    your so right.

  47. Lorinleorda says:

    Dear Mudar Zahran,good morning.
    Thank you for your article.Maybe on another article you may to develop the origin of name “Palestinian”.
    The best,Lorin SUA,FL.

  48. Lorinleorda says:

    Dear mudar Zahran,good morning.
    Thank you for this article.Maybe on another essay ,please, to develop the origin of name “Palestinian”.
    The best,Lorin SUA,FL.

  49. TALIA says:


  50. Jeffreymelnick says:

    Mr. Zahran shows us with great clarity that there are none so blind as those who will not see.

  51. Richard C. says:

    I only noticed one mistake. You refer to the intifada starting in 1967. The terror which the intifada represents had identical predecessors going back into the 1880’s. Those murders were just labeled more benignly. Bread was blowing up in supermarkets in the 1960’s. Scores of Jews were being killed in the 1920’s, those slaughters being conducted under the leadership of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who fled to Berlin and spent the war years assisting Hitler to carry out his “final plans”. You aren’t nearly as critical as you could be about the cultural underpinnings of the violence in the Middle East, of which my citations are mere slight examples.

  52. Pino Granata says:

    It seems almost impossible to read a nonpartisan comment on the Israli-palestinian conflict written by an arab. I hope to see comments like this in the future. 

  53. Pino Granata says:

    I think Mr Zahran forgot to mention the episode of Black September  when it seems that more than 30.000  palestinians were killed by jordanian forces. 

  54. Simon James says:

    With you all the way, Mudhar

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