Which Muslims do We listen to: The Case for Reformists and Why Ground Zero’s Imam Rauf Doesn’t Fit the Bill

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Which Muslims do We Listen to?

The Case for Reformists and Why Ground Zero’s Imam Rauf Doesn’t Fit the Bill

In the wake of the ninth anniversary of 9/11, there has been an outpouring of emotion, not so much regarding the lives lost on that frightful day, but rather about the tolerance, or lack thereof, shown towards Muslims living in the United States. Since that September morning 9 years ago, Muslims in America have been both shunned and embraced, not only by mainstream Americans, but by Muslims themselves. Which brings up an interesting question: Which Muslims do we listen to?

Islam has been divided by the western world into two distinct categories: radical on one end, and moderate on the other. But there is a third category of Islam that has been largely overlooked in the mainstream liberal media, our current administration, and the American population at large, and that group of Muslims are known as reformists. Reformist Muslims are that very special breed of Muslims who have escaped the theocratic, tyrannical clutches of Shari’ah and the Muslim Brotherhood, in fact, they openly denounce both. Reformist Muslims see themselves as Americans first, Muslims second.

The Reformist: What’s a Reformist Muslim and Why do They Matter?

Reformist Muslims live by a “live and let live” attitude which makes them more American than virtually any other group in America today. They embrace our Constitution and fight with every breath to preserve the liberties and freedoms which they enjoy. So why do we not hear about them or from them?

Simply stated, their ideas are not controversial enough for the mainstream, liberally-biased media. The media loves controversy because controversy gets ratings. If the media can keep fanning the debate between conservative vs. liberal ideologies, the media makes more money.

Where are Muslims Coming From?

People come to America from all over the world to escape religious and economic persecution, both of which are prevalent in Islamic-majority countries. These countries are ruled under the strict guidelines of Shari’ah, the fundamental Islamic legal code. This legal system enforces 7th century punishments for 21st century transgressions, i.e. public maiming, public whippings, public stoning, beheadings, etc. for “crimes” such as premarital sex, stealing a loaf of bread, getting married without parental permission(eloping), etc. just to name a few. Further, Shari’ah also establishes a completely different set of legal protections for Muslims and non-Muslims, something completely unheard of in any democratic society.

Non-Muslims living in Muslim-majority countries are known as dhimmis, and are treated much worse than the minorities were treated in the United States before the Civil Rights Movement. So, with all this knowledge of Shari’ah available by a simple Google search, why then do America’s self-proclaimed liberal “progressives” embrace organizations who will not publicly denounce or condemn Shari’ah?

The Imam Rauf Problem: It Takes More than Steel and Concrete to Build Bridges

People such as Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the main culprit involved in the Ground Zero mosque controversy, has stated he wants to bring Shari’ah here to the United States. Oh really? I would think the liberals would have a field day with this man, but instead, they are embracing him as a so-called “moderate” simply because he says he wants to build bridges. Well, building bridges will take more than some concrete and steel Mr. Rauf.

The very ideas that liberals detest in this country are the very ideas that pro-Shari’ah Muslims such as Imam Rauf embrace, which seems so incongruous to me and to any level-headed human being. But, the problem goes even deeper. Not only does the problem rest with a single man, but also with the organizations who support him and Shari’ah, i.e. CAIR, ISNA, MPAC, MSA and the MSU, all of which are funded and supported by the Muslim Brotherhood which began in 1923 as a global jihadist organization. This organization’s stated goals are “global jihad, the destruction of Western democracies from within, to clean America’s filthy house, to bring about the 12th and final caliphate, and to implement Shari’ah throughout the world.”

islamic_reform_reforming_islamThe Real Islamist Agenda (and Another Case for Why We Need Reformists)

Is it any wonder that Omar Ahmad, the co-founder of CAIR made this statement in the late 1990’s to members of the MSA: “We are not in America to melt with society, we are here to spread Islam. We are not in America to be equal to other religions, but to dominate them. The Qur’an, the Islamic holy book of scripture, should be the highest legal authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” This statement does not sound very progressive to me, in fact, it sounds oppressive. With all of this information out in front of us, why then do the liberals embrace such non-progressive ideologies? Simply stated, because they only believe the Pablum that they are being spoon-fed by our liberal media.


Letting Down the Drawbridge: How Liberal Policies are Giving America Away

The real irony is that these so-called liberals are supposed to stand for liberty, freedom, equal rights, gay rights, womens’ rights, and opportunity, etc. and they claim to have a live and let live attitude, yet, these organizations and Imam Rauf support an antiquated legal code which condemns the very things in which the liberals believe. American liberals have been duped by the so-called Islamic “moderates” simply because the moderates claim to be moderate. This is equivalent to me walking into my garage and calling myself a car. Just because I say it does not make it so. Just because the “moderate” does not carry an AK-47 or strap on explosives does not mean he or she does not support the Islamofacist’s objectives.

Ground Zero an Ideological Stunt?

One of the most disturbing things I have seen is the way in which the liberals go on the attack when anyone asks a legitimate question of Imam Rauf or these Islamic organizations. Rather than get a straight answer from them, the liberals and these organizations skirt the question and label the people asking as “Islamophobes, haters, bigots and racists.” This is a great diversionary tactic as it draws attention away from the real issue and focuses instead on moot issues. It is my belief that Imam Rauf and his ilk in CAIR, ISNA and the other organizations have staged this entire Ground Zero stunt so as to create ideological rips and tears within our society that are so deep, they will be virtually irreparable.

This is called stealth jihad and does not require a single bomb or bullet to be successful. If a society is ideologically armed against itself, it can easily be overthrown by conquerors. This is how the Brotherhood intends to destroy western democracies from within, and for all intents and purposes, they are currently winning.

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