The Pyramid of Thought

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The Pyramid of Thought

I think of thought as a pyramid. At the top of the thought pyramid is Concepts such as Truth, Freedom, Equality, Peace, Justice, Love. Below the Concepts are Issues such as Freedom of Speech, civil Rights, Foreign and Economic Policy. At the bottom of the pyramid are Details. Many, many details about the Issues.

Now try something. Draw this out. To the right of Concepts on your pyramid (outside of it), put ‘Adults’. Next to the Issues put ‘Adolescents’. Next to Detail put ‘Infants’. The Adults will understand all three levels of the pyramid, the Adolescents will understand Issues and Details, but rarely Concepts. Infants understand Details and some Issues never Concepts.

An individual’s title is not important. What is important is what you can get done with another individual. Practice identifying whether an individual is an Adult, Adolescent or Infant. You’ll become expert at it and your mind will adopt the practice on it’s own. Then an individual can achieve almost anything in this world.

Religions focused on do’s and dont’s fall into the Issues and Details camp.
All religions on earth have Concepts baked into there teachings which erode into time to just Issues and Details. A culture is a reflection of there religion or simply substitute Value System.

Restoration of a culture can occur with restoring Conceptual level thinking at its foundation.

There is a startling similarity of mathematical ability tied into cultures that built pyramids, statistical forecasting (prophecy) and a belief in an afterworld, beings of light, be it angelic or some other mythical substitutions for light and darkness, alpha or omega, good or evil.

Civilizations and all organization devolve over time, focusing on Issues and Details, creating broad divisions within a culture making them prone to invasion or collapse/revolutions.

The loss of Conceptual level thinking creates the loss of wisdom. Wisdom is the ability for the mind to simultaneously crunch large volumes of bits of intelligence simultaneously. Without this ability, a culture becomes animalistic and can no longer see the forest through the trees of endless Issues and Details.

Author’s notes:

The clash of civilizations is really about those looking to evolve forward towards a round world and management paradigm vs. those that wish to wittingly or unwittingly remain in the pyramid shaped paradigm. The founder of this service Facebook, Mark Zuckerman gets it. His new Facebook insignia for the company sums it up but he should have explained it the public. While the vast masses viewed it as spiritual transformation which is correct, the masses thought it had to do with the occult.

God manages this creation using the circular paradigm where asymmetric information can flow to all. The world however has run using a pyramid shaped formation of management. Even with good intent, information does not flow from top to bottom efficiently.

Jason Rines is the CEO of Raging Debate, LLP. Raging Debate is Giving a blogging site for politics and economics to anybody that has something meaninful to teach.

Editor’s Note:

A thanks to Jason for sharing this most interesting piece. If we take Jason’s accurate symbolism of a pyramid structure and apply it to modern day establishments, we find a surprising sum of new government structures with this makeup that create levels of citizenry, both on the outset and in the interior design.

One such structure is Kazakhstan’s Pyramid of Peace and Reconciliation, located in the capital of Astana.  The irony in the name alone is enough to call to attention to the relevance of Jason’s piece here. However, a simple Google search will show you various interpretations of this pyramid.




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