Is there a “Muslim World”?

| September 20, 2010 | 0 Comments

Editor’s Note: Having recently been asked to consult the “Muslim World” before petitioning for outside help to form The Center for the Reformation of Islam, guest writer Robert Short shared a few thoughts on the idea of a “Muslim World”. While the individual with the suggestion meant to ill-will, Short’s assertion is certainly worthy of merit and consideration.

Reformists such as you and Dr. Zuhdi Jasser do not pander to the “Muslim world” as you’ve been asked to do. You see yourselves as Americans FIRST, as Muslims second. Yes, it is better to have a large number of like-minded Muslims who echo your beliefs 100% as I believe there is strength in numbers.

The second thing I have to question is this person’s assertion that what you do should be accepted in the Muslim world, or rather, what you do should be formulated in a way that will be accepted in the Muslim world. Also, this person refers to the “outside” so as to imply an “us against them” mentality exists. From this statement, I can assume this person means you should change your language to suit THEM, rather than stand by your own beliefs 100%.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe this person is well-intentioned and is behind you and wants to get the word out, but I think this person is concerned about getting steamrolled. I personally do not believe there is such thing as a “Muslim world,” I believe there is only one world which we all share. However, a number of Muslims live insulated lives brought about by what you described as “self-induced alienation.” It is for this reason, I believe, there are two ideological worlds on one planet. The fundamentalist Muslims believe in their own moral superiority and therefore, isolate themselves from the rest of the world. This person wants you to play it safe. Playing it safe is what leads to nations being conquered.

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