The Problem with “Anti-Islam”

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islamophobia_antiislam_nomoremosquesExposing truth bandits and the dangerous role they play in the struggle against a radical Islam.


These days, just about everyone knows the West has an Islam problem….or Islam has a West problem – depending on what side you’re on if any. Even the most news-obtuse people are being bombarded with rising headlines on the “clash of civilizations”,  to the point that this former couldn’t-care-less group now cares about the ongoing bumbling two-step between Islam and the rest of the world.

I remember not too long ago there were many media personalities and bow ties within the academic sphere that confidently concluded there was “no clash of civilizations” – at a time where I affirmed the existence of an ongoing conflict and predicted escalating tensions…even if we thought it wasn’t nice to think about such things.

Nobody wants problems (for the most part) and nobody wants there to be this clash (again, for the most part). It’d be great if we all held hands and got along under the ganja-induced slogan of “One Love”.  Too many are doped up on far-fetched ideologies fueled on hopes and dreams, as well as the belief that saying something makes it true. There is a growing tension between the Muslim world and its non-Muslim counterpart, it’s been there for several decades at least, and 9-11 brought into frontlines.

The conflict has launched its own niche parade with a brutish bandwagon of charlatan personalities boasting to be the liberty belles of Western values. Yet these supposed problem-solvers, some with an undoubted hatred of pluralistic Muslims and one with a shameful superhero complex, are furthering the very thing they claim to be against.  Now whether they’re in it for the fame, the money, genuine interest, or a combination of the three, their thick-headed perceptions are tanking through the forefront in this battle while waving the conservative flag and cannoned by right wing media – all of which are doing more to harm the American people, conservative image, and the effective real time efforts of those looking at the situation with refined intelligence and working to target the issue at the root of the problem. Bulldozing your way doesn’t do anything. Rather – strategy, insight, a creative and well-informed coalition does, along with keeping truth as the only yardstick even if it offends your ego and pocketbook.

These media-cloaked truth bandits escalate the situation by being ‘anti-Islam‘ – a position whose secondary serious flaw is that it encourages hatred and ignorance among the equally frustrated and less informed followers who believe in ridiculous premises including but not limited to the belief that all Muslims are fanatical ticking-time bombs required to shroud their women and kill the infidel. The core issue though comes back to the idea of ‘anti-islam’.

Being “Anti-Islam” does absolutely nothing to change Islam or its followers. Rile up all the Islam haters you want, gather the biggests protests, do as many media circuits and pump out libraries of crap books…and what have you accomplished? Have you changed one Muslim perspective?  Sure you may have gotten a few Muslims to leave Islam, but then what good are those Muslims in the challenge to reform Islam? How effective are they as apostates to a faith that shuns apostasy, leaving them with zero credibility or authority among Muslims?

Being anti-Islam only emboldens the very people and ideas you’re against. It only strengthens liberal tides that cater to victim-hood, seeing Muslim as the new black that needs to be freed from the shackles of religious and civil persecution. It only strengthens the less moderate Muslims who clutch tighter and more defensively to archaic interpretations of Islam each time their faith and identity are attacked.

I continue to be disgusted by the unyielding ignorance of people who hold this attitude. It obviously doesn’t matter how much money or influence you have, or how many books you’ve (ghost) written and gotten money hungry publishers to pump out like some packaged paperback disease…because if you’re not seeing truthfully, and you continue to work on the problem, you only become part of the problem.

The only very spiderweb-thin silver lining to their efforts is that they bring attention to issues that liberal personalities bypass. Yet even that was a worn laurel of yesteryear.  We now have Islam catapulting to the forefront of headlines to the point where these people now need to get over their vehement Nazi-like hatred of Muslims and start listening to true and proven moderates if they wish to push the issue forward in favor of truth and freedom.  After all, it’s coalitions that win wars.

We live in a society where freedom of speech is strongly guarded for even the biggest of buffoons – as we most recently saw with Terry Jones, the flickering single-celled mind behind “International Burn a Quran Day“.  We’re not dealing with celebrity culture or pop entertainment. We’re dealing with a serious global issue that affects us a species. What we say, the steps we take, are absolutely critical. It’s a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly or without serious calculation along each inch of the way. There are no exceptions and no room for excuses, especially once you’re made aware of your misperception. Anyone in this arena not only needs to be as informed and open to ideas as possible, but they must have a passion for truth and human evolution that soars limitless bounds above personal interest, and a great humility that allows us to accept when we are wrong.


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