A Letter of Support from Ruth Moyte


Dear Shireen:

It was a pleasure meeting you last month at the Victory Party. I very much enjoyed our conversation and I am impressed by your intelligence and confidence. I have to share with you that you have been a source of inspiration to me as I search for truthful answers in forming my opinion on some of the most important issues facing our country today.
At the top of my list, is the Mosque at Ground Zero. I am not one to judge a culture by a generality. I believe that there are good and bad people no matter where you look. This particular topic is one that is confusing and difficult for me as I struggle against the wrath of opinion that is different from my own. As I’ve voiced, you are aware that I’m against the building of the Mosque at Ground Zero. I believe in religious freedom, yet I do not believe that this issue is one of freedom of religion. I believe it is an issue of sensitivity. I do not believe that the Imam is a good an honorable man. I do not believe that building the mosque at Ground Zero does anything to improve relations with the Muslim world at large. I believe that it is a slap in the face of America. I mourn for the Muslim families that lost their lives and loved ones on 9/11 as Americans not as a separate from any of the rest of us. I believe in my heart they must be as mortified as I am at the construction of the mosque.

As I have struggled to find the truthful answers, I’ve been especially grateful for the insights of The Qudosi Chronicles and the unique perspective from which you offer your thoughts. I often have wondered what American Muslims think of all that is going on. How do they feel? What are their thoughts? They have the knowledge, yet I don’t hear many speaking up. Then, there you were. One voice, but a confident loud one that was willing to reach out and educate those of us looking for the truth.
From one American to another…thank you. Thank you for being so willing to educate me and help me understand and find the truth in such a confusing cacophony of noise. I thank you for your courage, your insight and your willingness to stand up and shout your message from the rooftop when there are so many that remain silent. Please don’t ever stop. There are Americans out here looking for the truth and we’re listening. We hear you. We support you.
Should you ever need my assistance with anything, please feel free to reach out to me. I’ll be happy to do anything that I can to help.
Ruth Moyte

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