Muslim Refugee Women

Among Refugees, Mothers and Children Must Always Come First

Muslim Refugee Women
Source: REUTERS/Faisal Mahmood

In the plight of people, especially refugees, we must always, always do what we can to protect women and children first. This is without question and without compromise. The condition of a woman in a third-world mindset is one of the greatest cruelties, especially if she is a mother, and worse if she is a refugee. 


We easily forget there’s a world outside ourselves.
We feel it’s easy to say “no” when things don’t go our way.
But for some women, things have been awry for thousands of years before her days.

Scarred and torn, scared and left worse for wear –
No one gives her a half stare,
Or even a quick glance letting her know they secretly care.

Who cares of her worries and fears?
Who looks closely to find her sweat mixed with hot tears?

For them her dreams are playthings, her worries not real.
No one cares that her wounds do not heal.
Some fight caste systems with all their might.
But they forget the caste system of the mind.

In their silence, she bears great burdens.
The maiden voyage made in the Garden of Good and Evil.


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      But why, men produce more economic output. Women and children are cost burdens to society.

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