Children of Men

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old monastery

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In the weathered time for dawn,
Darkness loomed within the forlorned,

A young girl, innocent was, learned the secret of the thorns.
In a dark vestal bound, lay a secret buried found.

Two squired priests of Earth,
told heavenly tales not of mirth.

Till one night, through God’s will
One came running down with a chill.

He whispered a secret of heavenly worth,
as the girl watched the eyes of the other grow gravely concerned.

The old man, his face now relic of past,
told the girl this secret in confidence unsurpassed.

Carefully he whispered to her the truth vested to him.
He said:

For thousands of years we have preached to the Earth the bounty of Christ.
And yet we also divided Jesus through the vice of an anti-Christ.

Two different people we were told they were,
to opposite ends of the Earth.

And now we find the secret is, both are of a virgin birth.

Why do you whisper, she asked quietly.
Is it not a good thing they are both He?

Child of God, you do not see.
With this truth, we lose our claim to brutality.



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Shireen Qudosi is a Top 10 North American Muslim Reformer. She founded Qudosi Chronicles shortly after 9-11 when she noticed a widespread failure in honest conversations about Islam. Since it’s launch, Qudosi Chronicles has developed a broad and diverse following that has helped spark Muslim reform. Shireen is half Pakistani, half Afghan and a Sufi American Muslim who feels strongly that Islam is fated for an evolutionary leap in consciousness. And that leap is necessary in order for a global world of people to take the next collective step in advancing human dignity and excellence.

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