NASA Top Chief Says “Muslim World” Next Frontier

| July 6, 2010 | 0 Comments

Alex Lightman

NASA’s top priority is to improve relations with the Muslim world?! I think President Obama is confused, and thinks that the phrase “Muslim world” refers to another planet. This is the sort of absurd misuse of government power that makes people suspicious and cynical.

Want to improve relations with the Muslim world? Note – I’m NOT saying to do this, but these are the only things that “the Muslim world” (as if 58 countries and all of their people all agree on one thing – try assigning NASA the mission of improving “the Christian world” or “the Buddhist world” and see how well that works out) would find showing serious intent. Note that “Give a speech in a Muslim country” is not on the list.

1. Stop the Gaza blockade.
2. Create a Palestinian State and allow for the right of return to the Palestinian diaspora.
3. Stop subsidizing Israel
4. Pull out of Iraq
5. Pull out of Afghanistan.

Let’s see…does NASA have anything to do with any of those things? No? Well, then NASA isn’t the agency to have the priority of improving relations with the Muslim community here on earth, and it’s sort of condescending and silly to imagine that it is.



Alex Lightman is the executive director of H+ (aka World Transhumanist Association) and chair of the H+ Summit. He’s also the writer of the “Forever Young” column in H+ magazine, and the author of Brave New Unwired World. Follow Lightman on Twitter @lxlightman


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