The Emperor Has No Clothes

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Mike HayutinAt the 2004 Democrat National Convention a little know senatorial candidate from Illinois gave an electrifying speech. It was the kind of speech that brings Americans together. He talked about America as a “beacon of freedom.” He referred to a grandfather who volunteered for service in the wake of Pearl Harbor. He even noted that those suffering economic difficulties “…don’t expect government to solve their problems.” And even more compelling, “people will tell you they don’t want their tax money wasted, by a welfare agency or by the Pentagon,” and “there is not a liberal America and a conservative America – there is the United States of America.” What’s not to like?


Dressed up in the elegant formal wear of a post-partisan unifying figure, he filled a half empty American cup with hope. That hope was the fuel that ignited his rocket-like trajectory into the most powerful office on earth. His smile, his carefully chosen words, his complexion and his family fashioned an imposing and irresistibly romantic vision. No more racial politics. No more wasteful spending. Transparency in government. The world will again love us.

Well, time has stripped away the facade to reveal the man beneath the glamorous veneer. The President seems to be a pleasant, well mannered and relatively intelligent man of the left. The key is ‘the left’. His leftist instincts, relationships and past may have been obvious to those who paid attention but most did not pay close attention, did not care or were charmed into distraction. A carefully crafted image buttressed by the mainstream media, entertainment community and academia obscured the truth.

In one year that image has fallen victim to the reality of leftist governance via a gross miscalculation concerning his mandate. A combination of massive spending (debt and waste), old style trading billions for votes, opaque unintelligible legislation and ineffective kowtowing to despots and sheiks evidenced his tin ear to the center-right electorate. He governed from the left and now suffers as a consequence. We witnessed the result in the very bluest of blue states with the Massachusetts senatorial election of Scott Brown, a victory that would have been considered bad fiction just a few months ago.

Now we have an opportunity to demonstrate the substance of our message. Conservatives must not repeat the Obama mistakes. Most Americans are not ideologues. Indeed, they are generally center-right, but they are not far right in any pure sense. We must reconcile ourselves with the notion that defeat will follow demands of purity. A rejection of Obama policies is not synonymous with an embrace of the right.

Going into November Republicans must, in a unified manner, campaign for a reasonable and conservative health care reform package. Conservatives need to court independents, awakening Democrats, and find common ground with Republicans. Not one, but 4-5 short, understandable health reform measures must be put forward, to include: tort reform, interstate insurance, pre-existing condition protection and subsidies for the truly needy. Add renewal of the tax cuts due to expire, aggressive pursuit of Islamists, a drop in corporate income tax rates, an end to bailouts and a full court press to exploit our natural gas and oil resources, build nuclear plants as well as develop renewables.

Update a “contract with America” based on these proposals and stay on topic. ‘Birther,’ Marxist and Hitler rhetoric will only do harm. Reagan showed us how to travel on the victorious high ground.

We win with a center-right coalition and a plan other than “no.” One more critical lesson. Senator Scott Brown is pleasant, personable and gracious. He showed classy respect for Senator Kennedy and his family in his acceptance speech. I detect very little anger in the man. That follows the Reagan model. If we are principled and delineate a clear and simple vision while displaying humility, devoid of anger, we will win on the issues.


RJC member Michael Hayutin describes himself as a father, San Diego Chapter leader of Act! for America, compelled to write as an expression of gratitude for the good fortune of being a citizen of this wonderful country.

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