Jerusalem Divided: Palestine to Receive Stake in Jerusalem

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EU’s Call for a Two-State Capital Fails Logic

Originally written for and featured in REVOLUTION Islam · December 10, 2009

Jerusalem_Old_City_Rooftop_Tour-51_http://www.filination.comAs if Jerusalem were stock that could be divided among shareholders –  butapparently that’s what EU ministers must think of one of the holiest cities to the three largest monotheistic faiths.

In an effort to negotiate peace, EU ministers call for Jerusalem to serve as the capital of both Israel and a future Palestinian state.  But if millennia of history weren’t enough to warrant this a really bad idea, how about the phrase, “you can’t have two cooks in one kitchen”?

The EU Council shows once again that it completely fails to understand the depth of the situation, or the psychology behind the power plays.  It’s a given that what’s happening to the Palestinian people is less than fair, but succumbing to  sympathy and failing to realize the sensitivity of a larger issue, an issue that envelopes the region in its entirety, proves that despite calls for peace and moves to appease both sides, this most recent plan will also fail.

According to an EU foreign minister, “If there is to be genuine peace, a way must be found through negotiations to resolve the status of Jerusalem as the future capital of two states.”

Their short-sightedness is truly amazing.  What does the council think will happen once a Palestinian state does have stake in Jerusalem’s capital? It’s not that difficult to imagine.

Imagine boxing the Sharks and Jets in a room, or Cripps and Bloods, forcing them to use the same space, the same resources, and expecting them to get along when nothing has been done to target the core problem, the core problem being the perception with which these two groups view each other.

It’s no secret that, save little exception, Muslims hate Jews. The sentiment is only magnified in the Israel-Palestine conflict, and forcing these two to occupy the same space is a recipe for disaster.

flags_jerusalemDo EU ministers really think that just because some illusive idea of peace is reached, that just because some piece of paper is signed by heads of state, that that somehow undoes a history of hate, hate weaved in scripture, through the tongues of mullahs and preachers who encourage a deeply rooted mistrust of Israel – despite the Quran at times advocating peace with believers.

Acknowledging Israel’s “legitimate security needs”, the EU 12 point statement includes a “call for a complete stop to all violence and arms smuggling into Gaza. The Council calls on those holding the abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit to release him without delay.” The EU Council makes considerable demands but no mention of how it plans on ceasing illegal arms smuggling or even working toward regulating such activity.

A Muslim state, left in a condition where believers have not yet had a genuine revolution, will never be satisfied unless it has complete control of Jerusalem. And the EU’s 12 point call for a divided Jerusalem is nothing more than an empty shell and a recipe for disaster if put into effect.



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