Five Fingers

| November 30, 2009 | 0 Comments


Rated: 3/5 Stars

Five Fingers, directed by Laurance Malkin, sends a powerful message about the debated use of torture by CIA agents.  The film stars Ryan Phillippe who plays Martijn, a Dutch citizen who’s kidnapped alongside is guide while visiting Morocco to set up his charity, a Food Program. He comes to meet his captor Ahmat (Fishburne) who initially demands answers to questions he doesn’t ask, but finally insists on finding out where Martijn sourced three million dollars for a Food Program in Morocco.

For each failed answer, Martijn has one finger brutally removed.  The plot becomes increasingly complex as the motives of the captors and captive slow reveal themselves.

The film is brutal in parts but speaks boldly on the use of interrogation methods.  It drives home the message ultimately advocating the use of torture. Not torture in and of itself, but torture paired with psychology.  The film also touches on the complexity and impracticality of offering due process in cases of inter/national security.

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