Iranian Citizens React to Rigged Election

| June 16, 2009 | 0 Comments
The epic response from hundreds of thousands of Iranians bears witness to the fact that many Iranians cannot be represented by the theocratic and political leaders currently cemented in place.
Tehran, Iran: Hundreds of thousands of Iranians protest election result at iconic Freedom Monument [AP Photo/Ben Curtis]
This surge of expression highlights the will and determination of the Iranian people and their refusal to lay dormant in this obviously rigged election that hailed Ahmadinejad as victor over popular and well-supported Mousavi.  The theocracy originally outlawed protests, but with record number of Iranians hitting the pavement in protest, the establishment quickly rescinded the threat, recognizing it would force a revolution.  Instead, the government has targeted journalist and instilled media ban on the coverage of Iranian reaction.

THE MOST SIGNIFICANT POLITICAL MOVEMENT OF THE 21st CENTURY… and many key journalist and media groups have failed to treat it with historic and monumental importance.  Perhaps their failure is the reason why it’s business as usual for most Americans – with only slight pause to acknowledge some ongoing commotion in Iran. A shame.  An America quickly losing itself in blanket socialism could have learned the genuine meaning of democracy and voice from an unlikely source…and possibly an unlikely ally.


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