America Returns to its Roots in Historic Nationwide Movement Against Out-of-Control Government Spending

| April 12, 2009 | 0 Comments

tea party muslimsOn Air Editor for CNBC, Rick Santelli’s rant against the flawed Stimulus Bill and his call to action for a Chicago Tea Party, acted as a catalyst that prompted grassroots campaigns by Smart Girl Politics, Top Conservatives on Twitter, and DontGo Movement to launch a nationwide outcry roaring against political corruption, failed policies, and modern day thievery. And as World Net Daily’s Chelsea Shilling phrased it: “A revolution is brewing as American patriots and free-market advocates unite in protest against out-of-control government spending – with a wildfire movement of more than 170 nationwide tea parties.” (WND).

The first genuine act of patriotism and revolution seen in generations finally hits the streets of America.  Invoking the act of rebellion during the Boston Tea Party‘s incendiary movement of resistance, the modern day concept of Tea Party’s steps further by uniting Americans across the board who are fed up of daylight robbery under the guise of “revenues and budgets”. And this time, the thievery is not by a foreign state, but by our own elected officials who have failed to remember WHO they are in office for. Case and point:  “Benedict” Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he as come to be nicknamed by Californians.

Quite frankly, Americans are tired of out of control Fed Policy, with most only now realizing the Federal Reserve is far from a federally regulated government institution, but rather a private bank that goes un-audited and untaxed.  It is a rogue system beyond the scope of our democratic ideals and our republic foundations that plays the role of Grim Reaper to our now crippled economy. The most recent economic funnel to our generation’s unbearable recession, the outrageous spending habits of elected officials, the lack of accountability and the scapegoat charades, in light of the seemingly rampant movement of the Obama administration towards globalization, finds its silver lining in a greater number of Americans no longer willing to count on “the other guy taking care of it”.

As a society psychologically marred from disaster after disaster, we are now echoing the old saying “if you want something done right, you better do it yourself”. And so on April 15, Americans are taking to streets, rallying, and protesting as a collective in one of the greatest acts of resistance reminiscent of our forefathers – an intelligent and spirited movement against modern-day Sheriffs of Nottingham. Below you’ll find a number of excellent links to get you up to speed on the movement and help you GET INVOLVED! With the +170 scheduled Tea Parties nationwide, and with varying locations and hours, there is almost certainly something near your hometown.



Tax Day Tea Party…a great source of Tea Party 101

Tax Day Coalition America’s New Independence Day Tea Party

New American Tea Party Operation Stop Thief

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