Muslim Cries Against Sarah Maple Drown out Aisha Duhulow’s Cries for Help

| November 8, 2008 | 0 Comments

violence-against-women2Over the last month, Muslims on the streets and on social networking sites have been expressing their hatred for Sarah Maple.  But hardly any of those uttered a word of Aisha Duhulow.

Recent spotlight in the art world has been on Sarah Maple, whose viewpoint on being a Muslim in a Western society has drawn yet another wave of complaints and threats from Muslims worldwide.  Her recent exhibition depicts, in my opinion, crude images of veiled Muslim women in various positions. The expression of art has once again stirred Muslims to take the time to voice their opinions of both Sarah and her art. Yet, instead of engaging in dialogue, expression comes in the form of threats, hatred, and vandalism. So much fuss over some paintings and yet not one word or call for an end when it’s violence by Muslims in the name of Islam or in the name values tacked on to an idea of Islamic culture.

A world of Muslims roar against Sarah Maple. And yet only one lonely boy cried out for Aisha Duhulow, both of whom were killed last Monday. The boy, a bystander shot dead when he attempted to save her life. And Aisha, buried and stoned to death for committing “adultery”. In this case “adultery” meant “being raped by three men and having the courage to report the crime”. None of the three men who raped and stole her life were questioned, detained or punished. Aisha, a child not more than 13 years of age, was viciously killed by interpreters of Islamic law, by a group of 50, with 1,000 spectators watching and only one small child there to stand up for her. That child, that day, showed more compassion, more humanity, and was more a reflection of God’s grace and God’s will than any of the 1,050.

Shame on them. And shame on us for using the gift of voice ONLY to complain when things don’t seem to go our way – throwing tantrums when we feel personally insulted that our precious identity has been marred and damaged in some way. Sarah Maple’s art is only showing her view. It is a picture on a canvas. You will not physically die or be maimed in any way by her act of free speech. Yet, the actions of brutes and cowards in the name of honor, under a guise of Islam, are killing.

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