Obama’s Superhero Syndrome

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obama_superman_poseA few road blocks are encountered when trying to discuss the over-the-top associations used to hype Obama. The minute you say “Obama”, all defenses go up and you can’t really get a truthful answer to any question you might ask.

You get the answer most have been shown to see. So I went about it a little differently. I conducted a small survey asking people exactly this:

“What do you think of guys who pretend they’re Superman?”

Of such a person, the public commented:

“Personality disorder comes to mind.”

“They need to grow up.”


These were YOUR answers. So then, when you think for yourself, you have one answer.

But when we let campaign images show us what to think, when we let ourselves be fooled by publicity and propaganda, we’re suddenly chanting a different slogan.

When you look at glossy covers showing Obama as some fantastical apparition, you somehow end up with another opinion – an opinion VERY different from the answer so many of you quickly came up with when I asked a very simple question.

Yet still somehow, half of America believes the hype and thinks this guy can somehow make a difference.

obama_supermanMaybe he can.  Maybe he can’t. But are we basing our belief on our own reasoning….or on pictures such as these?

Here’s another question:  WHEN did we get so shallow, WHEN did we get so completely gullible that we are now so easily duped by the appearance of things?

My God, just look at this cover.  I know we’re a generation obsessed with a renewed superhero culture – we suffer from superhero syndrome, from a belief that there are people who’ll miraculously swoop down to our salvation at the last minute…that we can sit back and do nothing and somehow everything will sort itself out,

but really, are we so desperate as to believe this in a presidential election, to allow such fantasy to mix with the stark reality that we are in fact a nation outnumbered with enemies, enemies who are waiting for us to fall, to fail, enemies waiting to launch deadly assault, hell bent to never let us prevail?

And is this what is left of our media?  I know Rolling Stone isn’t exactly Time Magazine or Newsweek, but surely the editors and publishers realize they’re dealing with an election here, and surely they realize how much image influences the public.

A “people powered revolution” they say. A joke, I say.

Images such as these scalded upon our eyes, in one of the biggest races of our lifetimes, is proof that we are still FAR from any real revolution, any real change.

Please note:  A general questionnaire was sent out stating the question at hand.  Hundreds of entries/responses were received and the selection presented here was picked at random.  All whom were picked were asked permission to use their quote before running this article, even though their names are not listed here and will be kept private.

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