An Unseen Invasion: The Subversion of British Culture by Pakistani Muslims

Britain is host to a number of immigrants who flock to her shores in search of opportunity and equity. Great Britain, a nation with a steadfast commitment to free-will and fair play. Unfortunately, the natures of host Britain and these diverse groups are often less than comparable. Of all the groups that have adopted Britain as home, in no other area has there been a greater violation of privilege than with the group which identifies itself as Muslim, or more specifically, British Pakistani. Race crimes, honor killings, welfare abuse,forced convergence of Islam and state under Sharia law,the total lack of assimilation,the fostering of reverse racism against native Britons.
These offenses, among others, are directly linked to Britain’s Pakistani Community, obscured under the label ‘Asian’. To any individual looking at the situation in truth, it is clear that the extended welcome has been reciprocated with an invasion. What else does one call it when a group enters a foreign land and subverts the culture and its people. When a foreign group demonstrates a total lack of respect for existing laws, and tries instead to establish its own; when a foreign group targets natives of the land in a manner befitting a tyrannical regime, void of tolerance toward the host that so generously welcomed them, that so generously continues to accommodate them.
What is this if not an invasion, an assault upon the British people and the values and traditions they hold dear. Looking at the present situation, has little changed from the past where those of the faith forced their will on others? Has little changed except that now Britain’s own facilitate the process through a play of political correctness? Despite the number of efforts made to appeal to sensitivities, political correctness is a failed mechanism that only encourages inequity. It is the largest contributor to ensuring that native Britons, and those who have come to cherish Western values, feel disparages beyond reparation. The crux of the problem lies in the rift between Eastern and Western values, between a British mindset and an Islamic mindset. Identifying this central issue seems to leave assimilation as the only plausible recourse for Muslims living in Britain. Yet, as I have detailed in cases before, this is an unlikely process for a number of reasons. As the case is, and if the ‘Asian’ community continues in their unwillingness to assimilate, if they feel an irresolvable discord with their host society, if they insist on continuing to mock the very culture and people who accept them and respect their beliefs, if they are so at odds with British society, then, I suggest they leave Britain.
There is no doubt that Islam is fundamentally at odds with Western values. It is a clash of two titans; a clash between Islam and the values inherent to Western civilization – values such as free will, tolerance, and the spirit to move forward and seek new ideas and re-evaluate the old ones. For the bearers of Islam, re-evaluation is acceptable as long as not one strain of Islamic thought is scrutinized or looked into with any question in mind. For them, Islam is to be preserved – a preservation that asphyxiates free thought. Abstaining from any genuine evolution, modern day bearers of Islam aren’t only clutching onto dogmatic customs, but are now forcing their will onto the British people.
For Britain to survive this phase of her history, for her to shape it to her advantage rather than to her detriment, the British people need to look to the BNP. The British National Party is the only political group willing to face countless personal attacks and smears in order to inform the British people of elements that vastly compromise their way of life – the element in this case being modern day Islam. The BNP’s courage is commendable; their willingness to openly highlight the growing chain of events centered on reverse discrimination is critical to a free and open society – to a society that does not ‘correct’ itself from unpleasant facts but faces them head on. They are part of a few with a commitment to uphold truth as the highest priority in this matter, despite knowing how they will be perceived by a public who still does not fully understand the situation and its relevance to the future of Britain – partially due to misinformation from other sources. If Britain is to prevail, she must begin re-evaluating the way in which she perceives Anglo-Asian relations. And to effectively do this, the British people must be honest with themselves about the opposition Islam’s modern day followers pose against British society.
For any society to truly advance, it must take in all facets of truth, no matter how unpleasant. For Britain to survive, the British people must begin accepting fact over political fiction.
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